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The move ensures competitive advantage for businesses who operate in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

These past months have not been easy for business owners as the coronavirus pandemic meant dealing with an unprecedented set of challenges. But now as vaccination rates increase daily and the global economy seems to be picking up steam, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Businesses across the UAE are preparing to take advantage of the uptick and are eager for any competitive advantage they can muster.

The Government of Dubai’s decision to slash fees and introduce waivers to a series of service charges that applied to its various entities, is a welcome step. In all, 88 separate waivers and fee reductions were approved for government services and follows a decision by Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council.

The range of fee reductions and waivers includes Dubai Maritime City Authority, Dubai Municipality, its Land Department, Dubai Courts, the Roads and Transport Authority and Dubai Tourism. In all, the changes mean less costs and less paperwork, making it easier and less expensive for businesses to go about their business.

This is a progressive and timely move, one that will improve the productivity of commercial entities affected by the fee reductions and waivers, and will help towards improving profit and viability levels while promoting entrepreneurialism.

Real estate offices, for example, will pay less to amend broker details, while property developers will also pay less when it comes to dealing with the RTA over closing roads for major construction projects. Dubai Health Authority, for example, will be reducing the fees it previously charged for fitness certificates when it came to maritime activities.

The reduced service fees mean too, for example, that it will be less expensive to obtain certified copies of rulings from civil cases that have been heard before Dubai Courts. When things go wrong and civil litigation is necessary, the reduced fees now make it less expensive to obtain a full copy of judgement.

The range of the changes shows that Dubai is serious in giving the businesses that operate within the emirate every advantage to allow them to grow and prosper and provide meaningful employment opportunities to their workers.

The latest move also ensures that the competitive advantage gained by businesses who operate in Dubai will remain, and that these businesses won’t be unduly burdened with high fees and unnecessary paperwork. In all, the reductions make sound business sense – and that is a good day’s work.