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Two-car collision at AUS campus

Two car collision at AUS campus

Gulf News

Sharjah: A two-car collision at the American university of Sharjah campus resulted in the injury of two passengers.

Director of public relations at AUS, Saeed Al Shamsi told Gulf News: “The collision took place when a student driving a Nissan Patrol suddenly turned left while speeding to enter the parking.

“The Nissan Patrol failed to signal to the Honda Accord that was on the opposing lane, the Honda tried to avoid the collision by turning right and the two cars collided head on.”

Al Shamsi added that the driver and passenger of the Nissan Patrol obtained severe injuries and were transferred to Al Qasimi hospital.

“Due to the force of the collision the driver’s head banged against the windscreen while the passenger who was sitting in an incorrect manner fell unconscious when the force of the airbag caused his leg to hit his chest.

“The driver of the Honda Accord on the other hand obtained minor injuries and did not need medical treatment” he added.