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Pakistani siblings greet Dubai Police with letter, chocolates

Brother and sister visit Muraqabbat police station to thank officers

Image Credit: Courtesy: Dubai Police
Siblings greeting Dubai Police.
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Dubai: In a unique gesture, two Pakistani siblings went to Al Muraqabbat police station and handed over a greeting letter and chocolate bars to officers for their efforts in protecting the society.

The 8-year-old girl Areel Nilson David, and her brother Nathanial Nilson David, 5, who study in Capital School went to the police station to “express their love” to Dubai Police for their hard work to keep the society safe and helping people. Their mother said her daughter was watching TV when the idea of thanking Dubai Police crossed her mind.

The letter written by Areel and Nathanial. Courtesy: Dubai Police

“She was watching TV and saw the problems and conflicts in many countries around the world and asked me why those problems happening and why the other countries are not safe like Dubai. She decided to write a greeting letter to Dubai police to thank them for making Dubai as a peaceful oasis,” Gillian Nilson said.

She wrote the letter with her brother and their parents took them to the police to deliver the letter.

  Our aim is to keep everyone safe and happy in Dubai … We always look to strengthen the bonds with the society.”

 - Brigadier Ali Ahmad Ganem, Director of Muraqqabat police station

“Thank you for keeping Dubai safe and happy. Keeping the roads safe for everyone. Thank you for helping people that get hurt,” she wrote in the letter.

Brigadier Ahmad Ali Ganim, director of Al Muraqabbat police station, welcomed the two children and honoured them with police uniforms after instructions from Dubai Police commander-in-chief. “Our aim is to keep everyone safe and happy in Dubai. The girl wrote the greeting letter after she felt what we are doing to maintain the safety and security in the city. We always look to strengthen the bonds with the society,” Brigadier Ganim said.