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Dubai: Did you know that if you are a Person of Determination, you can park for free in Dubai? All you need to do to avail this amenity is submit an application with certain documents to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Even tourists and visitors of determination in Dubai can benefit from the same service.

The application process is straightforward and swift, whether you are applying online or in person. Read on to learn how you can receive your free parking permit.

What is the ‘People of Determination parking permit’?

This parking permit is a personalised card with the beneficiary’s photo on it, which allows a Person of Determination to use priority parking spots across the emirate.

The permit also states the period of validity and the type of permit, and is subject to periodic renewal.

Types of parking permits for People of Determination

1. Permanent

This is for Dubai citizens or residents with permanent needs.

Validity: Three years

The permit can be renewed after three years, subject to approval.

2. Temporary

This is for Dubai citizens or residents with temporary needs.

Validity: Depends on the applicant’s health condition, as stated on the medical report.

3. Tourists or visitors

Dubai tourists or visitors can apply for this parking permit, whether they have temporary or permanent needs.

Validity: Three months

Where can I apply for the permit?

You can apply for the permit online or in person.

1. Online –

2. At the Umm Ramool Customer Happiness Centre

3. At the Al Manarah Customer Happiness Centre

Documents required

If you are a Dubai citizen or resident, these are the documents you need to submit:

- Valid Emirates ID – original and copy

- Any of the following documents, which support the applicant’s need for a special permit:

1. ‘People of determination’ card issued by the Ministry of Community Development

2. ‘Sanad Card’ issued by the Community Development Authority,

3. A medical report indicating the applicant’s health condition in the last six months.

- Passport copy with stamped residence visa.

- A passport size photograph with a white background, taken within the last six months

- If you are applying in person, at one of the customer happiness centres, you may also be asked to submit proof of residence in Dubai, such as citizenship or residence visa or work permit or registered vehicle licence.

If you are a tourist or visitor, these are the documents you need to submit:

- Visit visa or Dubai stamp of entry – original and copy

- Any of the following documents, which support your request for applying for the People of Determination permit:

1. A special parking permit issued by an accredited authority in your country of residence

2. A medical report that proves your status of determination in the last six months.

Note: Official translation is required if neither document is in English or Arabic

- Passport copy

- A passport size photograph with a white background taken within the last six months

- If you apply at a customer happiness centre, you may also be asked to submit any document that proves you will be living in Dubai throughout your visit.

How can I apply online?

To apply for the permit online, follow these steps:

1. Register on the website –

You would first need to create an account on the RTA website, if you don’t already have one.

Registering on the RTA website:
1. Visit the website
2. Click ‘Login’ on the top-right corner.
3. Select ‘Create an account’.
4. Under ‘Individual user’, click ‘Register’.
5. Enter your personal details like full name and nationality.
6. Select ‘Contact Information’ and fill in your mobile number, email, and address.
7. Select ‘Proceed’ to wrap up your registration.

2. Select ‘Driver and Car owner’ from the top menu.

3. Under the ‘Our services’ menu, select the ‘Parking’ tab.

4. Select ‘Parking permit for People of Determination’. You will then be directed to a form, which needs to be filled in.

5. From the dropdown menu, select the type of permit you wish to apply for – permanent, temporary or tourist. The first two options are only for Dubai citizens and residents.

6. Enter your full name, date of birth, Emirates ID details or passport details.

Note: The online system requires you to provide your name in English and Arabic. While Emirates ID holders will have the Arabic name automatically filled in, visitors do not have this option. If you do not speak Arabic, it may be a better option to visit a customer happiness centre to apply for the process.

7. Submit the necessary documents. The file type accepted is only .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf

8. Select the permit delivery method – you can choose a courier service (by providing your residential address) or collect it from the Umm Ramool or the Al Manara Customer Happiness Centre.

9. Confirm the details that you have entered before submitting the application.

10. The application will then be reviewed by the medical committee before an approval is granted. Once approved, you will receive an SMS or email notifying you of the next steps you need to take.

How to apply in person?

Applicants can also visit either of the two customer happiness centres in Dubai to apply for the parking permit:

1. Umm Ramool Customer Happiness Centre


2. Al Manara Customer Happiness Centre


Submit the necessary documents along with filing the application request for the parking permit.

In case you have submitted the People of Determination or Sanad card, or a valid parking permit from your country of residence, the permit will be issued instantly.

In case you have supported your request with a medical report, the card will be issued in two to five working days, subject to approval from the medical committee.

I have my parking permit. How do I use it?

Once you get the special parking permit, you can park in both public parking slots and the People of Determination parking slots for free in Dubai. The permit cannot be used for parking in other cities.

The RTA advises permit holders to display their cards on the dashboard of the vehicle as clearly as possible.

The card should only be used when the Person of Determination is using the vehicle.

If the special needs parking slot is taken, the permit owner can park in any regular slot with the card on display to avoid fines.

Fines for misusing the permit

Though the permit is free of cost, People of Determination can still incur fines if the card is not used properly. These are some of the fines you need to be aware of:

Using the permit when the Person of Determination is not in the car.

Fine: Dh1,000

Not displaying the card clearly on the dashboard of the car.

Fine: Dh1,000

Using an expired or invalid permit card.

Fine: Dh1,000

Parking in a regular public slot without using the card.

Fine: Dh150

How can I pay a parking permit fine?

Any fine related to the parking permit will be incurred on the vehicle and not the card. The vehicle owner can clear these fines online via the RTA website or at a customer happiness centre in Dubai.

Paying fines on the website:

1. Visit the website –

2. Click on the ‘Driver and Car Owner’ option in the top menu.

3. Under the ‘Our Services’ tab, select ‘Parking’ and then select ‘Pay parking fines’.

4. Enter your plate number or fine number. The system will then show the amount of fines you need to pay.

5. Make the payment, using a debit or credit card.

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Paying fines at a customer happiness centre:

Visit either the Al Barsha or Al Kifaf Happiness Centre to clear your fines in person. Acceptable payment methods include cash or a valid UAE credit or debit card.

Timings: from 8am to 7.30pm, Sunday to Thursday

- The writer is an intern with Gulf News