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Sleep is a critical biological process for our overall health, and as we cope with the mental, physical, and emotional demands of the pandemic, it’s perhaps more important than ever.

At Royal Furniture Group, we house some of the most exquisite and comfortable mattresses in town – think a piece for everyone, in any lifestyle, for every mood! Whether you’re suffering from chronic back pain or simply wanting that “hotel-sleep” feel, the Royal Furniture provides it all.

With World Sleep Day just around the corner, here are 4 ways to ensure you would be able to repair your body while boosting your immunity during your everyday slumber.

1. Consistent bedtime and waking routine: Our body and brain favour consistency. Try to allow yourself 7-9 hours of sleep if achievable.

2. Limit screen time at night: Turn off devices one hour before bedtime.

3. High Quality Mattress: Sleep imitates meditation—both have strikingly similar benefits.

Royal Furniture - the region’s leading furniture and mattress provider offers a variety of high-quality mattress to choose from.

Malibu Mattress

With its four layers of high resilience foam -this mattress is the epitome of comfort and support. Ensuring optimum support for the spine, it provides comfort with its combination of pocketed springs, felt layers, and high-density soft foam.

Ontario Mattress Image Credit: Supplied

Ontario Mattress

Featuring a unique independent pocketed spring construction, this mattress gives every individual a personalized support for their whole body!

California Mattress Image Credit: Supplied

California Mattress

Here’s where the experts step in. The California Mattress is crafted with the expertise of orthopaedics. Using a combination of bonnell springs, bonded foam, medium density foam, it provides an exceptionally high level of comfort.

Washington Box Top Mattress

Washington Box Top Mattress

Looking for extra support throughout the night? The Washington box top mattress combines springs, felt, foam and decron to create superb comfort! The box top adds further support for a great night’s restful sleep.

Its thick cushioning relieves painful pressure points on the body, ideal for anyone suffering from back, neck and leg pains.

Black Stallion Mattress Image Credit: Supplied

Black Stallion Mattress

With infusing technology, this plush Black Stallion mattress from Royal Furniture is built with time tested materials. Married with the latest in sleep technology, the thick memory foam ensures full body contact. Providing great pressure point relief and spinal alignment - the gel infused property creates a cooler sleeping surface while retaining the pressure-relieving properties.

4. Watch What You Eat and Drink: A healthy diet promotes good sleep. During times of stress and uncertainty, it’s easy to reach for fatty or sugary foods, or for happy hour to start bleeding into earlier parts of the day.

Your bed plays a crucial role in determining how long and how well you sleep. Your mattress and pillow have to work in sync to provide the right setting for you to slumber well. Your bed and your body naturally change over time, so if your mattress is seven years or older, it’s probably time to replace it.