Fun City has the most innovative and enhanced safety measures in place Video Credit: Supplied

Chief among the many threats posed by the Covid-19 is that of prolonged boredom, specifically to children. As working parents become working-from-home parents and schools remain empty across the country, a considerable number of parents have grappled to adjust with the new normal.

As the country started to ease restrictions, many parents had to come up with healthy ways to entertain their kids. Now with the Eid Al Adha break coming up, most families are also on the lookout for places to go and things to do.

We have the perfect solution – take your kids to Fun City! You have heard it right. Fun City is back, and kids can make play memories again.

There are now more than 50 locations of Fun City across the GCC. In Dubai you can find a Fun City in Century Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, Mercato Mall, Oasis Mall, and Arabian Center. In Sharjah and Ajman, the kids play areas in Safeer Mall have reopened. Fun Block, a sister brand of Fun City has also reopened in Dubai at First Avenue Mall - Motor City, Arabian Centre, and in Oasis Mall - Sharjah. Fun Block has climbing walls, trampolines and focuses on active play for children.

Parents do not have to worry one bit because UAE’s most loved indoor playground has very innovative and enhanced safety measures in place.

Here’s why you have to be at the Fun City with your kids in the holidays.

1. It’s a safe city for all

Fun City-7_web
Touch-free hand sanitizers are available across the outlet Image Credit: Supplied

Your children can get a physical and mental boost while practising innovative new safety measures that minimise contact as much as possible. It’s not just about maintaining a safe distance and wearing masks, Fun City conducts mandatory health screening through temperature checks before you enter and touch-free hand sanitisers are available across the outlet. Floor stickers will help you maintain a safe distance and the trained staff will guide you every step of the way. Say bye to paper tickets and get e-Tickets loaded directly online ( onto the Power card to be redeemed at the redemption counter for fun toys. Most importantly, staggered boarding on rides has been put in place so that members from the same family can ride together while maintaining a safe distance from other customers.

2. You can get adrenaline pumping!

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It will get parents pumping up some adrenaline too Image Credit: Supplied

Does your kid fancy big rides that go up and down and round and round? Fun City has an exciting array of fun rides. The best part is that you can do it with the whole family. It will get parents pumping up some adrenaline too. From Air Racer and Bumper Cars for thrill seekers to Happy Swing, Fun City’s family fun rides are suitable for all ages and sizes.

Mondays will never be the same again. To make Mondays fun again, Fun city has brought back Funday Mondays where all blue swiper games and rides are just at Dh1 each. It is unbelievable but true!

3. Unleash the adventurous streak

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There are rides that are an absolute delight for little children Image Credit: Supplied

Children have an imaginative and adventurous spirit and Fun City will help them unleash it. There are rides that are an absolute delight for little children as they can happily bounce up and down, and go round and round on Crazy Gliders, Hello Kitty Fun House, and Ocean Carousels to name a few. They can imagine being in a fairy tale that is part of every child’s fantasy. They can also compete in a horse race or ride through the jungle on an elephant!

4. Develop excellent motor skills

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The specially created active indoor playground will help your child to develop new motor skills Image Credit: Supplied

Think indoor activities won’t physically push your child? Fun City has that sorted too! The specially created active indoor playground will help your child develop new motor skills and encourage your children to enjoy exercise. It has a multi-level soft play area, which is well equipped with climbing frames, colourful ball pools, crawl tunnels and giant slides to make your child's playground time fun and playful. Moreover, you can rest assured about the highest safety standards and highly trained staff to ensure your child can play freely.

5. Simple things to engage their minds

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The space is safe for children to learn while having fun Image Credit: Supplied

What child doesn't love a soft play centre. After all the physically exhausting activities, take the kiddos to Fun 'n' Learn. The toys and equipment are spick-and-span, and the space is safe for children to learn while having fun. There is a lot to engage their minds. They can indulge in imaginative play, use blocks to build giant castles, take part in interactive cooking sessions (with play dough), or play the girls’ favourite activity - dress up. The young artists could dabble in some colouring fun with arts and crafts.

6. Indulge in interactive entertainment

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Fun City has the best in the line of interactive entertainment Image Credit: Supplied

Sure, you do not want your kid drowning in screen time, but playing video games with your kids rules. Fun City has the best in the line of interactive entertainment that will get children as well as adults excited. Who doesn’t like games such as the Fast and the Furious, Razing Storm, Let's Go Jungle, Super Bikes 2 and Harley Davidson? Just name it - latest universal releases, classics, favourites, and legends of the video game world - Fun City has them all!

7. Get them to test their abilities

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Know where your kids stand in terms of their abilities Image Credit: Supplied

It is not always the simple things that are fun for kids, right? Sometimes you want to give them a little bit of a shove to know where they stand in terms of their abilities. Let them battle it out with their friends with games such as Air Hockey, Basket Ball, Pacman Smash, and many other skilled games. You never know what your child is capable of until you let them explore their talents.

8. Get rewarded for loyalty

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Head to Fun City often and enjoy the fascinating rewards Image Credit: Supplied

Now, it cannot get better than this. Head to Fun City often and enjoy the fascinating rewards. The redemption counter has all that your child ever wanted - soft toys, play sets, remote control cars, cameras, and even the latest mobile phones. In addition, it is very simple - just trade in your redemption tickets for prizes at the redemption counter or win amazing gifts from the novelty games.

For store timings (some have changed since reopening) and locations please visit