I have a few complaints against du’s home internet service. It has been six months since we applied for internet service in Dubai. Even now, they are not taking any action. When we call du’s customer care number, they give us false hopes.

They promised to provide me with an internet connection by March 12 but it has not yet happened. Now, when I try to call du’s floor manager, whom I was previously in touch with, she does not even call me back or respond.

From Mr Mohammad Omar Naeem


The management of du responds:

In response to Mr Omar’s query regarding our home internet services, we have investigated the situation and have reached a resolution. After an initial delay in receiving the order from our partner sales agent, we were able to overcome the technical issue and activate home services for the customer. Subsequently, a bill received in February 2018 included incorrect charges for Apple TV that the customer had not used; we have rectified these fees and adjusted the bill accordingly. We also arranged a follow-up visit to the customer in March to ensure all home services were functioning perfectly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and value their continued feedback.

(Process initiation: March 13. Response from organisation: March 20. Process completion: May 5.)

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