There is a need for RTA to carry out surprise checks on Amman Street in Al Ghusais as selfish driving and cutting lanes can lead to accidents especially during the time when parents try to drop their children off to school. Image Credit: Dipti Mathur Godbole/Gulf News Reader

I have been dropping my daughter off to school on a daily basis in Al Ghusais. In that specific area around Amman street, there are more than 10 schools and the traffic situation is terrible. Each of the schools there is doing a great job of managing their vicinity. However, the main roads, especially Amman Street, and other streets in the area — are always in a sorry state.

There is a left turn on Amman street, opposite Lulu Hypermarket, which gets clogged because oncoming traffic does not give way for cars to pass. Unless an extremely considerate driver comes by and lets a few cars pass, one has to wait 20 minutes.

My suggestion to authorities is to have a signal here.

Also, while a few of the good drivers queue in the correct lane for the left turn, there are others that shamelessly cut the queue to go in front. It's actually essential to raise the consciousness that if we simply drive with some respect, the traffic situation can improve. Unless these people have to be fined in order to realise that they are doing something very wrong!

There is a need for RTA to carry out surprise checks, too, so that traffic is regulated and the rules are not abused because this causes accidents. Acting selfishly and cutting lanes is unfair to other drivers who are also late but waiting for their turn, and maybe more drivers will start doing it!

Can people take some moral responsibility? Most of the drivers are parents trying to drop their children off to school. What an effect this will create for the child who sees that it's okay to drive like that. We are just inculcating the wrong habits.

— This reader is based in Dubai.