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Social media users debated over whether tolerance is something one is born with or learnt behaviour. However, they largely agreed that people need to be more tolerant towards others.


Muneer Ahmad Shahabuddin: It’s a born quality and ranks more than learned. But learnt behaviour might weigh more than innate if there is proper upbringing of children.

Lamiya Siraj: Proper upbringing and learned behaviour stays longer with enchancing skills of learning and implementing it. Also the same can be passed on to one and many by teaching the same.


@hushraindrops: Tolerance is the first step in mutual understanding. You don’t have to love and support someone or their beliefs, just learn to tolerate each other because the world will never believe in the same things, but we can share mutual respect.

@SmaillMina: What we can do is to be good ourselves, understand tolerance, learn to treat all the people around us with a tolerant mind and kind words and deeds.

@HLB27: Tips to make a change:

1) call out discrimination when witnessed 2) learn about others and yourself 3) zero tolerance approach 4) support and include others.

@SaysCha:I follow some irritating people on Twitter, just to learn to practice tolerance.