My wife had an e-Dirham card from National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) [which has merged with FGB to form First Abu Dhabi Bank] and had a balance of Dh700-800. The card got expired and we requested its Deira City Centre branch on November 5, 2016 to transfer the balance from the expired card to my new card. We were told the transfer will take three months to complete. It is now more than four months and this has not happened. I have visited the branch multiple times, and raised complaints with the e-Dirham call centre. The only update that I get is follow up emails have been sent.

I request Gulf News to intervene in this matter and assist to get my money refunded.

From Mr Abhilash Sasi


The management of NBAD responds: Thank you for your constant cooperation and communication with us in the endeavor to best serve our customers and resolve their issues.

We have investigated Mr Abhilash Sasi’s complaint and below are our findings:

Mr Sasi’s wife had an e-Dirham Card with NBAD, which expired in July 2016. She submitted a request to claim the credit balance on the card in November 2016, but the amount was already transferred to the Ministry of Finance. The turnaround time to receive the funds is three months and in this particular case it took a little longer. We have received the funds last week and the customer has collected the credit balance from one of our branches yesterday.

Thank you once again for forwarding the complaint to us. Our Customers Experience is very important to us and we are thankful for the opportunity to respond.

Mr Sasi responds: Yesterday, I received a call from NBAD to collect the money. I have now received the refund. I thank Gulf News for the assistance.

(Process initiation: March 22. Response from organisation: March 27. Reader confirmation: March 27.)

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