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What you need to know:

  • Anxiety can affect more then your health, learn to not stress over small things.

Imagine you’re due to give a speech, but you’re petrified of public speaking. You spend time fearing the concept of standing up in front of many people that you don’t direct your attention to rehearsing and delivering your speech. Your stage fright creates chaos within. You are taxing yourself. Worrying is worrisome: it causes unwanted stress.

The prospect of a major surgery, exaggerates your thoughts into constant worrying about the date of the surgery, the operation theatre, the dread of the recovery afterword’s and more.

Anxiety drains your psychological energy. Most of our worries or troubles are baselessly magnified, and the negative outcome we fear will not happen.

We all worry, be it about work, school, money, relationships, family, future, or life in general. Worrying creates monsters in our mind.

Worrying definitely consumes you, making you feel tired. It’s important to acknowledge that some worries are legitimate, but many are not, and out of your control. Worrying about uncontrollable issues will merely paralyse you. They won’t make things better, and they might just make things worse. It’s sane to keep your concentration on what you can change. We work very hard in my life worrying about the future that we forget to live in the present. Joy is often about living in the moment, not guessing your future.

In the Disney classic film titled: The Lion King, there is a song called “Hakuna Matata”, a Swahili phrase meaning “no worries”. The phrase encourages to believe that everything will be all right. The philosophy is simple, “All is well”.

Look at life with an optimistic lens. Positive thoughts are contagious and they release good endorphins in the body. After the work hours, just take a happiness break. Do something you like, to exercise, swim, rehydrate, socialise, or just relax. Add space to your life, this is very self-liberating. Find time, energy and motivation to let go of the small stuff. It’s not worth to agonise yourself over trivial matters. Laughter helps smooth out rough edges, calm overwrought emotions and delivers a sense of peace.

Slow down your pace and refresh yourself. Do whatever you are doing right now, emphasise and enjoy. Move, talk, eat or ride your bicycle slower. Be engrossed into the present, to the fullest. Focus on something positive, eventually you’ll start seeing affirmative things and will learn to steer your life in that direction. Life is about being passionate and living out your dreams. Think “Hakuna Matata” always.

- The reader is a Dubai-based secretary.