Out of service, but getting bills

My issue is that I have to pay eVision bills, without getting the connection shifted to the new apartment where I now reside. I moved into a brand new building at Muwailah (National Paints area) in Sharjah, in July. Till now, etisalat hasn’t installed the connection device in the building. And so, they are not ready to take an application to shift the connection. We visited their business centre twice, and contacted 101 many times. All they want is the EID number of the building. They will provide this once the connection is established at the building, but they don’t know when that will be.

To cancel the connection, I paid more than Dh2,000 due to an unmatured package plan.

I had subscribed for eVision when I was residing in Al Nahda, Sharjah. By utilising etisalat’s safe custody provision, the connection had been temporarily suspended. On September 14, they will reconnect it automatically, and they will also start charging me for it.

The building owner had informed us multiple times through the security guard, that he had a wiring completion certificate from etisalat and had made every attempt to get a connection. But etisalat is not providing it, so the owner says, “it is etisalat’s fault, not mine”.

We are using the internet connection mainly for children’s homework. They need a lot of material to be downloaded. We are already stuck in this matter.

What we need is to have etisalat install the device at the earliest. Until then, they should not charge us. We currently have to suffer the burden of paying for eVision without getting it. There are 12 flats in my building. We are all suffering due to the same. Gulf News is our only option now. Kindly help us.

From Mr Shery Mathew


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was resolved and the service was provided.

Mr Mathew responds:

I am grateful to Gulf News’ help. The issue has been resolved completely. Thank you very much etisalat, for the quick action.

(Process initiation: September 14. Response from organisation: September 29. Reader confirmation: September 29.)

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