Etisalat is asking me to pay for an account, which does not exist. The connection is only in their accounts, but no connection in my residence.

I am a customer of etisalat for more than 15 years. I had this account for a long time. In November 2016, when I moved to Shahama from Abu Dhabi, etisalat could not connect due to technical difficulties but I started getting bills. When I complained they told it would be cancelled. I stopped getting bills.

When I recently moved to Abu Dhabi in March 2018, I started getting bills again for no connection at home.

I complained and etisalat is telling to pay for the account before cancelling, which I never used and was not even connected at my residence. Please help me as etisalat is not helping me.

From Ms Shalina Nazar

Abu Dhabi

The management of etisalat responds: Thank you for bringing Ms Nazar’s concern to our attention. Etisalat customer service team would want to apologise for all the inconvenience she may have faced.

We have investigated this matter and here are our findings: Based on our records, she has an eLife TV account and we did not receive any cessation request or shifting request on the account since activation. We had advised her to pay up to the August rental and to cease the account. She made a payment in August 2017 covering the rental until July 2017 only and at that time, no cessation request was found. The system did not charge the account from September 2017 to February 2018. The account was disconnected due to bad debt on the linked accounts. However, we reactivated the line as we did not want the customer to lose her service. Due to the activation, the customer was billed for the rental from March to May 2018.

We have considered the customer’s case and refunded the charges as well as ceased the account as per her request. We have informed her about the refunded amount and advised her to settle the August 2017 rental. She said the amount would be settled by next Thursday. Please be advised that we have directly communicated our feedback to the customer and this case has been closed from our end.

Ms Nazar responds: Thanks a lot for your intervention. Etisalat representative called me to inform that this connection will be cancelled.

(Process initiation: June 24. Response from organisation: June 27. Reader confirmation: June 30.)

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