The abandoned car sits in the parking lot of a retail outlet since 2008. Image Credit: Hyder Ali Mirza

Dubai: There is a sight that I have come across for the past decade.

This car has been parked at basement parking slot outside a popular retail outlet in Bur Dubai.

This car has always caught my attention, especially because it has not moved since 2008. We are still curious to find out the story behind it and why it has never been moved.

My wife, S. F. Mirza, said: “We have been regular shoppers at this retail outlet due to its close vicinity to our house. Every time we visit the outlet, the car is always there. We are unable to understand what is stopping the authorities from removing this car.”

It is in a bad condition. The tyres are worn out and the vehicle has been gathering dust. There are no fines placed on it.

This could be because it is in a basement parking. When I asked the security guards at the store, they were not sure of the details.

I have been living in Dubai for more than a decade and the city fascinates me with its rich cultural mix.

The city is always kept clean and maintained very well by the concerned authorities. Then, why is this car still there after 10 years? It is clearly abandoned.

Editor’s note: The reader’s concerns were raised with the management of Dubai Municipality. However, despite repeated reminders, they did not respond.

— The reader is a group internal audit manager based in Dubai.


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According to a Gulf News report published in August 2017, abandoned cars are seen by the authorities as a potential breeding ground for stray animals and haven for criminal activities.

The Dubai Municipality is authorised to remove abandoned vehicles from streets, public parking lots and public spaces. Parked dirty vehicles are inspected and a notice of removal sticker is applied. If the vehicle is not claimed within 15 days, it is towed.

Confiscated cars are kept for six months. If the owner claims the car in this time, he or she has to pay a fine of Dh1,381, including municipal fines, storage charges and towing fee.

To report an abandoned car in a public space, call the Dubai Municipality hotline, 800 900.