Bad experience with airlines

This is a story of bad customer service while travelling through Etihad Airways and purchasing a ticket on March 11, 2017. Financially, I lost more than $30,000 (Dh110,188) as a business, $500 (Dh1,836.48)as extra personal expenses, and $300 (Dh1,101.89) as luggage damage. In addition to the stress, fear, disappointment, business issues and humiliation I faced because of some unprofessional, irresponsible employees at the airlines, I faced the following issues with Etihad Airways:

1. Mishandling the bags in Etihad Mall Station in Dubai, sending my luggage to Abu Dhabi in a different bus

2. Waiting in pain and stress for 90 minutes near Abu Dhabi customer care counter as flight EY

151 was overbooked, jeopardising catching up with the flight.

3. Assigning the last group to enter the airline partner flight EY 3521

4. Four Hours delay in flight EY 3547 with last hour blackout.

5. Flight EY 160 took off because of EY 3547 late arrival

6. No customer care agents and no email communication or SMS from Etihad to guide

in DFW

7. Unclean, unsafe and uncomfortable hotel was provided – 2 stars hotel in Texas.

8. Provided with low cost meals voucher (Dh12, Dh44, Dh44)that couldn’t be used outside the


9. Etihad Agent in DFW refused to rebook and issue my return ticket.

10. Etihad agent in DFW didn’t check the luggage although I asked and he messed with

the luggage tags.

11. Etihad agent in DFW obliged me to throw some of my belongings during boarding.

12. My luggage for EY 160 didn’t reach; stayed in Detroit.

13. Received only one bag on October 1st

14. Received an annoying and rude phone call in 5:48 AM

15. Second bag delivered on October 2nd was damaged

16. Approximate business loss around $30,000 (Dh110,188) as I failed to deliver the missing

product sample to Gitex Shoppers.

From Mr Majd Hanna


The management of Etihad Airways responds:

Etihad Airways strives to deliver the highest standards of customer service and on this occasion we have failed to meet Mr Hanna’s expectations. We have apologised to Mr Hanna and offered compensation, which we hope he accepts. We believe we have offered appropriate compensation to Mr Hanna and will begin the process once he has confirmed acceptance.

Mr Hanna responds:

Etihad Airways offer is not accepted as they are still putting the blame of the flight delay on American Airlines. They offered a compensation, which is much below my expectations and financial damages.

In addition, they didn’t even had the curtsey and tact to call me so we get a faster communication.

The management of Etihad Airways responds:

There is no further update from our position to give regarding Mr Hanna’s case. The decision is his now if he will accept the offer of compensation.

(Process initiation: October 10. Response from organisation: October 12. Process completion: December 12)

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