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Dubai’s first five-star hotel, the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek, is known for being a true foodie destination. Not only is it famous for its fifteen award-winning restaurants that serve cuisines from around the globe, it has also proved to be a popular choice for Iftar by loyal patrons for the last forty-six years.

In 2019, the hotel served more than 20,000 iftar covers during the month of Ramadan. This year will be quite different due to restrictions, but the team ensures that the food quality and offering, as well as the five-star service remains unparalleled.

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Image Credit: Shabestan

What is expected in this year’s Iftar?

“Over the last forty six years, our Iftar guests have always been treated to a lavish feast every single day throughout the month of Ramadan. This year is not any different in terms of the abundance of the food that we would offer. Our chefs will be preparing a massive spread of more than 200 delicacies from different parts of the world. Multiples cuisines such as Persian, Emirati, Middle Eastern and international, alongside Asian and seafood dishes will be on offer. Different live carvery stations and Iftar classics such as the Lamb Ouzi, Machboos, Kabsa, and an array of succulent kebab grills will also be part of the menu every day. There will be a separate counter for desserts where traditional Arabic sweets will be on display, as well as various specialty cakes from our very own cake shop, Boulevard Gourmet,” says Sreejith Purushan, Director of Food and Beverage for the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai, Deira Creek.

Apart from top quality and service, the team ensures that this year, one of the top priorities will also be their guests’ health & safety. Sreejith comments: “We are proud to say that almost our entire team in the hotel have already been vaccinated. Apart from that, each of our staff is well equipped with PPE, multiple sanitation counters are in place all over the hotel, and of course most importantly, social distancing is strictly observed in all the restaurants and public areas.”

“Our iftar this year may not be as grand in terms of numbers compared to pre-pandemic times due to social distancing measures, but our passion for celebrating this holy occasion of Ramadan still remains. We aim to live up to our reputation as one of the best iftar destinations in Dubai,” Sreejith adds.

The Grand Iftar at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai, Deira Creek is priced at Dh225 per person inclusive of Ramadan beverages.

Aside from dine-in options, the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek will also be adding gourmet Iftar deliveries throughout Ramadan. Sreejith explains, “We understand that Iftar is a family occasion and many people would like to break their fast within the comforts of their home. We’re pleased to announce that we will now be able to bring our award-winning signature restaurants, Aseelah and Shabestan, to our diners’ homes.”

The team offers the option of delivering individual and family-size servings of Iftar meal boxes to various residences and areas within Dubai. Three different cuisines will be on offer: Arabic, Persian, and Indian. The Persian menu will include Shabestan’s famous Persian grills, Ghormeh Sabzi, and saffron rice; the Arabic box features Aseelah’s signature dishes such as Lamb Thareed and Majboos. They have also added an Indian menu which consists of delicious comfort food such as Butter Chicken, Paneer Butter Masala, and Mutton Biryani to name a few.

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Image Credit: Shabestan

Each box offers all the essentials to break one’s fast. An iftar box that serves one person includes 15 different items: dates, laban, orange juice, six different starters, four main courses, sliced fruits and a dessert. There are plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options as well. For each cuisine, diners can either choose the Standard, Premium Menu or the Family Box which serves four people.

For delivery prices and further enquiries on their food and beverage offerings, orders can be made directly to the hotel by calling +971 4 205 7316/7317 or by emailing