The collection retains Loewe’s hallmark craftsmanship.
The collection retains Loewe’s hallmark craftsmanship. Image Credit: Supplied/Juergen Teller

Loewe has revealed a new capsule collection inspired by the iconic Japanese anime heavyweight Studio Ghibli’s classic Spirited away. The collection will be available from January 7.

The Spanish brand is well known for its collaborations, and Creative Director Jonathan Anderson has once again delivered on that front. In the past Anderson has had several successful partnerships with Net-A-Porter and Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbour Totoro.

Aimed at the superfans of the Academy Award winning film, the collection derives inspiration from the fantasy/adventure anime, which is the work of iconic Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki. The movie follows the story of a young Japanese girl Chihiro, whose parents are turned into animals following their entry into the spirit realm. It is now up to Chihiro to bring them back to human form.

The characters from the film come to life in various products.
The characters from the film come to life in various products. Image Credit: Supplied/Juergen Teller

The special pieces of the capsule collection will feature iconic characters from the film, including Chihiro and sorceress Yubaba. The edgy collection will include blankets, ready-to-wear apparel, leather and canvas bags, as well as scarves.

While this collaboration targets a niche audience, it will boast Loewe's impeccable craftsmanship. The brand will use several of its hallmark techniques such as print, jacquard and leather marquetry to bring these characters to life.

Loewe’s latest capsule will also feature ‘boro’ -- a classical Japanese stitching method, which uses patchwork to create exquisite textiles.

The collection is available on Loewe’s website from January 7.