Courtesy of Twitter @STurnerBrasil
Image Credit: Courtesy of Twitter @STurnerBrasil

Sophie Turner and Dan Carter sport Louis Vuitton attire while presenting the Webb Ellis Cup housed in the bespoke Louis Vuitton Trophy Trunk before the Rugby World Cup France 2023 Final. Crafted by Louis Vuitton artisans in Asnières, the Trophy Trunk ensures the safekeeping and secure transport of the esteemed Webb Ellis Cup during the global tournament.
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Sophie Turner opts for a combination of a long-sleeved straight top and a mini skirt featuring front pockets, complemented by black leather Donna high boots. To accessorize, she pairs an LV Eclipse Pearls necklace, LV Crown earrings, and an LV Symphony ring, accentuated with the latest steel and 18k rose gold Tambour watch.

Dan Carter dresses in a single-breasted black wool suit paired with a black polo and black loafers. His ensemble is rounded off with the addition of the new 18k rose gold Tambour watch.