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Being confined inside a phone box and taunted as 'Saddam Hussein' during early childhood is an experience not everyone can comprehend. Yet, for British-Iraqi Roxie Nafousi, this harsh reality became a catalyst, one that would ultimately empower millions worldwide to conquer their deepest insecurities and confront their fears. As an influential self-development coach, manifesting expert, and bestselling author, Nafousi is celebrated for breathing new life into the concept of manifesting, a transformation she initiated at the onset of the pandemic. From her empowering self-love and motivational workshops to her acclaimed book 'MANIFEST,' Nafousi has consistently occupied a leading role in the wellness industry, all of it driven by her journey.

Nafousi's path was marred by an overwhelming sense of loneliness, unhappiness, and persistent self-doubt. Self-loathing convinced her she was unattractive, monstrous, and unlikable. Growing up in Oxford during the Iraq war, she faced the harsh reality of Islamophobia during her school years, deepening her sense of isolation. Her cultural heritage, from religious beliefs to her physical appearance and even the foods she ate at home, set her apart from her peers. At the young age of 12, she went to extreme lengths to seek greater acceptance, even by changing her name from Rawan to Roxie. In a landscape dominated by Western ideals, Nafousi felt like an outsider, with her appearance and lifestyle at home emphasizing her perceived differences. Her desire to reinvent herself and conceal her heritage was palpable.

Roxie Nafousi at her ‘MANIFEST’ book launch in Dubai Image Credit: Roxie Nafousi

Finding a connection between religion, Middle Eastern culture, and manifestation was a discovery Nafousi found being brought up in a devout Muslim household. Her mother often recited Arabic proverbs, such as "for every thanks you give, you get a thousand in return," which Nafousi recognized as a form of manifestation. She underscores the compatibility of manifestation and Middle Eastern culture, highlighting the simplicity of embracing gratitude as a life-changing practice. In her view, there's no need to choose between faith and manifesting; "it's not one or the other - the universe is a spiritual realm, manifestation can co-exist with Middle Eastern values." Nafousi's distinctive perspective connects the spiritual and cultural divide, offering a holistic approach to personal growth.

The pivotal year that forever altered Nafousi's trajectory was 2018. It was during this time that she uncovered the transformative power of manifestation, enabling her to cast aside the shame associated with her Iraqi heritage and wholeheartedly embrace her ethnicity and true self. In her twenties, she candidly admits to "having no purpose, direction, or career" and speaks of having lived a hedonistic lifestyle. However, a metamorphic shift occurred when a friend introduced her to a manifestation podcast. This encounter ignited a belief within her that "all self-healing falls under the manifestation umbrella." Nafousi found her true calling: to utilize the pain and challenges she had endured to guide and assist others on their path of self-development and healing.

"Authenticity is a magnet," Nafousi conveys, noting that our everyday lives can be enriched and transformed by the simplest of daily tasks. She recommends starting a positivity journal to record positive occurrences throughout the day, whether they are acts of kindness from strangers or significant achievements. Additionally, Nafousi begins each day with an affirmation playlist, reciting positive affirmations like "I am enough, I am grateful for what I have, and I am proud of who I am." According to her, the initial step in embarking on a manifesting journey is the realization that "you have infinite potential," where every individual has the power to become their best selves by overcoming doubt and self-limiting beliefs.

Nafousi has just recently launched her book 'MANIFEST' in the Middle East. Reflecting on a period when she felt ashamed of her Iraqi heritage, she now proudly embraces her identity as an Iraqi woman. She states, "Launching here in Dubai, where my parents and sister live, feels like returning home in more ways than one." Nafousi's book offers a practical guide, presenting seven straightforward steps to living one's best life. It provides an accessible path through manifestation, featuring real-life scenarios that address common questions, from manifesting an ex back to achieving the dream job, home, and a more fulfilling life. With the recent release of her book 'MANIFEST: For Kids,' Nafousi is pioneering a lifestyle approach that imparts invaluable lessons to children from a young age. These lessons empower them to recognize their self-worth and equip them with the skills to navigate life's challenges effectively.

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