Christie’s Middle East and North Africa has just opened an exhibition of auction highlights including some stunning works of art from the Islamic world and from India

A carefully curated exhibition showcasing exceptional auction art highlights has opened at Christie’s Dubai and it’s open to the visiting public.

20220929 christies dubai
Said to be one of the finest carpets ever made, the Royal Mughal Pashmina Carpet from Northern India dates back to 1650, valued at up to $3.8 million. Image Credit: Christie’s

The exhibition includes a diverse range of items and many works of art from reflecting the tastes of discerning Middle Easter collectors such as Old Master and European paintings from the likes of Sir Anthony van Dyck and Jean-Francois de Troy.

Other pieces include an exceptionally rare Royal Mughal Pashmina Carpet from India, woven in 1650 for Indian Emperor Shah Jahan which hasn’t been seen in any exhibition since it was last displayed at the Metropolitan Museum in New York in 1998. It is estimated at $2.7 to $3.8 million.

20220929 christies dubai
This Iznik lavender blue pottery jug from Ottoman Turkey is 450 years old and in perfect condition. Image Credit: Christie’s

According to Christie’s, demand for Islamic art from the 9th century to the contemporary period is growing around the world. A number of auctions coming up at Christie’s in Dubai will include pottery from Ottoman Turkey from the 16th century, as well as rare and important Arabic Qur’an scrolls from the 14th century, a painting by master artist Reza ‘Abbasi, and stunningly preserved Our’an manuscripts from the 9th century.

20220929 christies dubai
A rare Royal Anatolian Qur’an scroll dates back to the 14th century and measures over 15 metres long. Image Credit: Christie’s

“This carefully curated selection of important works on exhibition at Christie’s Dubai reflects the discerning taste of collectors across the MENA region, who appreciate the very best quality, artistry, and extraordinary craftsmanship represented by these works across categories,” said Arne Everwijn, Director of Business Development Middle East and North Africa. “It is a great honour to be able to showcase these works in Dubai for the first time.”

The collection of sale highlights at Christie’s Dubai is open to the public until October 3 at Christie’s DIFC, Gate Village 5.