Audrey Hepburn
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The doe-eyed funny face, this beautiful brunette knew exactly how to find her feet amongst the wolves of Hollywood, persuading the most ferocious, or totally outshining her rivals. The music from her films by Gershwin, Nino Rota, Villa-Lobos and Tiomkin is filled with lively and sparkling imagery. As a bonus, the dulcet tones of the unforgettable heroine of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in a suave interpretation of “Moon River”. Just recently, Lady Gaga copied her look for jeweller Tiffany & Co. Only stars and diamonds are forever.

Audrey Hepburn. A Touch of Music 1CD Milan

Kathia Buniatishvili

The young pianist from Georgia is matched only by Yuja Wang, another piano virtuoso, in her bold choices of stage attire, with back-less dresses and plunging necklines. Khatia’s charms are expressed in particular through her unique technique and style. A fiery, carnal and spirited relationship with this play, one in which harmony guides rhythm and melody. “There are no limits. We invent our own limits”, she said, taking the liberties that reinforce her personality. The proof lies in this stunning interpretation of Rachmaninov's piano concertos No. 2 et 3, her preferred pianist and composer.


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At one time, the image of this femme fatale was a true subject of fascination. An incarnation of cursed beauty concealed by her indecent veils, Salome has inspired painters, writers and composers alike: Flaubert, Mallarmé, Klimt, Gustave Moreau, Massenet, Nick Cave, or Richard Strauss, who based his opera on a play by Oscar Wilde. This is an iconic performance in which the magnificent voice of Birgit Nilsson reigns supreme over a musical volcano set alight by conductor Sir Georg Solti in his darkest mastery. The album cover gives you a good sense of what awaits the listener…

2 CDs Decca

Maria Callas
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Maria Callas 

Unique and timeless, Maria Callas remains an eternal figure in the opera world. Both rebellious and conscientious, constantly torn between her artistic perfectionism and her image as a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the diva drew her respect from these words in the form of an epitaph: “I have taken my voice and my physical resources to their very limits. I have given my all to the fans of this noble art. And I have no regrets. Really, none!" A remastering of 20 operas (12 of these never before recorded in the studio) marks the 40th anniversary of her death.

Box of 42 live CDs & 3 Blu-rays Warner

A midsummer night’s dream

They play, get drunk on elixir and dance on the tables, these carefree creatures with wreaths of flowers in their hair. Birds pass by in the sky overhead, and in the distance, a Björk doppelgänger is heard humming the haunting melodies. “I love to create worlds that have never been seen before”, proclaims Alexander Ekman, the new and obstreperous star of contemporary choreography. His ballet, inspired by the feasts and celebrations around St. John the Baptist and the summer solstice rituals in Sweden, is enchanting.

DVD BelAir. New creation Play at the Palais Garnier in December 2017