1. Would the Labour Office or any other competent authority be entitled to inspect the establishment or commercial entities established in the UAE?

The Labour Inspection Dept. and the personnel employed therein shall undertake labour inspections and shall have the power provided in this law. The inspector shall carry the identification card issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and shall be entitled to enter premises for inspection. Employers and their agents shall present the labour inspectors with all necessary facilities and information to perform their duties and shall consent to any summons to appear before them, or send a delegate to appear on their behalf, if they are required to do so.

2. What is the jurisdiction and the authority of the labour inspectors?

A Labour Inspector has responsibility for the following:

Supervising the proper enforcement of the provision of the labour law especially terms of work, wages and protection of the employees while performing their jobs and whatever relates to their health and safety, and also in the employment of juveniles and woman.
Providing employers and employees with the information and technical guidance that will enable them to adopt the best means for the enforcement of the provision of the law.
Informing the concerned authority of any loop holes which the provision enforcement fails to remedy and recommending any necessary steps.
Recording incidents where the provisions of the labour law and the regulations have been violated.
3. Do the Labour Inspectors have the authority to enter legal entities and premises?

A Labour Inspector has the right to:

Enter any establishment that is subject to the provision of the labour law at any time during the day or night without prior notice provided that such entry is made during working hours
Conduct any test or investigation that may be necessary to ascertain the proper enforcement of the law.
The labour inspectors further may question the employee or the employer, examine all records which have to be kept under the provision of the labour law, take a sample or samples of material used, or handled, in the industrial activities, and ascertain that notices and pamphlets required to be displayed at the site of the work are in accordance with the provision of the law.