Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Filipino expatriates who want to send home serious money or those who are still looking to work overseas may want to consider a career in the engineering, medical and information technology (IT) fields.

According to the latest ranking of best jobs for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), engineers, doctors, nurses and IT professionals took home the biggest income last year.

Within the Middle East region, the most compensated were healthcare practitioners, including doctors, paediatricians, nurses and veterinarians.

The data released by career-recruiting site Workabroad also indicated that Filipinos are likely to find jobs in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region than in any other employment markets, with Saudi Arabia topping the list of countries of deployment last year, followed by Qatar and UAE.

Average salaries of highest-paying jobs by region

Middle East
Paediatrician, general doctor, veterinarian, nurse: 54,000 to 86,000 pesos (Dh4,000 to more than Dh6,000)

Asia Pacific

Land-based engineer: 56,000 to 59,000 pesos (More than Dh4,000)
IT professional: 54,000 to 58,000 pesos (Dh3,900 to more than Dh4,000)

United States
Sea-based engineer: 53,000 to 99,000 pesos (Dh3,800 to more than Dh7,000)

Saudi Arabia offered more than 61,000 vacancies for expats in 2017, while Qatar and UAE companies opened 16,083 and 7,231 jobs, respectively. Kuwait emerged in the fourth position, followed by Bahrain and Oman in the fifth and sixth spots, respectively.

Other countries that emerged in the top ten countries of deployment for OFWs were United States (7th place), New Zealand (8th), Malaysia (9th) and Taiwan (10th).

The most in demand in the region are still skilled professionals, although aspiring expatriates considering a move to the UAE or anywhere in the Middle East can find a lot of opportunities in the food and beverage service sectors.

“In-demand general work roles include drivers, electricians, and AC, auto, refrigeration, plumbing, and maintenance technicians<’ Workdabroad said in its report.

“In-demand engineering-related skilled roles include mechanics and electrical technicians. There are also opportunities for cooks, waiters/waitresses, and baristas.”

For those who want to work elsewhere, there are opportunities for skilled workers in Asia-Pacific, and roles include carpenters, household service workers and caretakers.

“Opportunities also abound in the engineering-related segment for technicians and technical operators and in the manufacturing/production operations segment for factory workers, production and machine operators, and welders.”

In the United States, sea-based engineers are in demand and well-compensated, while electricians, fitters, able seamen, cooks, waiters/waitresses and stewards are also highly sought after.

Across various markets, from the Middle East to the US, in the professional segment, engineers are the most in demand.