Talabat mart delivers everything a family needs in less than 30 minutes Image Credit: Supplied


What are people buying

Insights from talabat mart show that during the pandemic, there has been a demand for fresh, immunity boosting foods.

Baking has also been a popular activity, with an increase in the consumption of butter, margerine and cocoa powder

The first six months of 2020 has transformed how we live our lives and get our food delivered. We’re now happy eating at home, getting our groceries at our doorstep and limiting our trips to brick and mortar stores, where we once stood in queue.

In the UAE, thanks to online food delivery platform talabat, that launched its first quick-commerce store, “daily by talabat” in Dubai last year, consumers now get their groceries delivered under 30 minutes.

Daily by talabat has now been rebranded to “talabat mart”. “It is the first under 30-minute delivery grocery concept in the region which operates 24x7, at an affordable price point,” says Ali Aldamanhori, UAE General Manager of talabat mart. “The app caters to meet your everyday essentials at affordable prices, and with hyperfast delivery,” he explains.

All about convenience

Families can now plan a special impromptu meal, and even have last-minute party plans. For working moms this is a huge benefit as they can get everything they want at the click of a button.

Gone are the days when the neighborhood grocer was the only hope and people had to adjust to store opening and closing hours. Talabat mart, that operates in both Kuwait and the UAE, has now changed all that. It has helped consumers manage and enjoy their time better.

Aldamanhori says talabat’s expansion from food delivery to a grocery supplier has been a well thought out and conscious step to fill a gap in the market. “Last year, we identified a gap in the regional market, for a service which allowed people a hyperfast, reliable grocery supplier to order through.”

Talabat mart's dark stores are spread across select locations in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Talabat mart has also introduced concepts like “dark stores” – local warehouses that are essentially supermarkets, but without shop fronts. There are 10 talabat mart stores so far, spread across select locations in Dubai, and many more are planned to open in the future.

Speaking of talabat mart’s uninterrupted level of service, Wassim Makarem, Vice President, Dark Stores, talabat, says the service has ensured that customers get their orders in the quickest and most convenient way possible, “during a period where alternative grocery delivery solutions would take up to 10 days. This has increased customer trust and confidence.”

Everything a family needs

Families can now order their daily needs ranging from water, soft drinks, fresh produce, health food, snacks, child care items, ice creams, baking goods, as well as non-food household items, such as tissues and detergents online on the app. In fact, insights from talabat mart show that during the pandemic, there has been a demand for fresh, immunity boosting foods. Baking has also been a popular activity for families.

Safety as top priority

talabat mart
All staff who pick up groceries, as well as the riders delivering groceries wear masks Image Credit: Supplied

The brand keeps safety as its top priority, in line with all the safety guidelines announced by the Dubai government. All staff who pick up groceries at the warehouse, as well as the riders delivering the groceries wear masks, gloves and use sanitisers, as well as have their temperature checked. The stores are disinfected and sanitised regularly. Talabat mart also encourages customers to use online payment to minimise contact.

How does it work

A customer opens the app and places an order. They are then allocated to the nearest talabat mart store where specialised grocery-shoppers accept and receive the order and pick the grocery items in an optimised way to ensure speed, quality and accuracy. The order is then collected by the talabat rider, who then safely and quickly delivers it home.

Talabat also works with other grocery partners in Dubai and across other emirates, such as 7 Eleven, ADNOC, ZOOM, Aswaaq Supermarkets, Fatima Supermarket and many more.