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If you’re a vegan, vegetarian or someone keen to experiment with a flexitarian lifestyle, we’ve got news for you. Subway, the world’s biggest purveyor of submarine sandwiches, is trialling a pair of new meat-free subs at select outlets in Dubai for the rest of this month.

Like much of the rest of the world, people in the UAE are increasingly growing curious about vegetarianism and veganism. Whether for health or ethical reasons, plant-based alternatives are in demand everywhere — even in the famously meat-munching Middle East.

When the trend first popped up here a few years ago, vegan dishes tended to be found almost exclusively on expensive restaurant menus and the shelves and fridges of gourmet supermarkets. However, 2020 has seen the rise of more affordable — and healthy — vegetarian and vegan alternatives, and Subway has entered the playing field with its Vegan Balls and Tastes Like Chicken (T.L.C.) subs.

These are on top of the Veggie Delite and Vegan Sub options already available at Subway for non-meat-eaters.

While the two sandwiches are set to be formally launched across all the US chain’s UAE restaurants in 2021, for this month they will be available at eight of its outlets in Dubai for you to try.

Why go vegan?

A number of studies have demonstrated the potential health benefits of going vegan. These may include lower BMIs, helping diabetics lose weight, improved kidney function and even a lower incidence of heart disease.

Vegan Balls

A tasty plant-based take on the popular Subway meatball sub, the Vegan Balls sandwich is served with a savoury marinara sauce, rocket leaves and onions. We tried the new sub this weekend and loved its saucy richness – a combination we highly recommend with some lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and black olives.

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The Vegan Balls sub isn’t just a viable vegan option, but one that’s genuinely delicious for anyone. Its mouthfeel also makes it a great choice for anyone looking to cut down on their meat consumption.

T.L.C. – Tastes Like Chicken

T.L.C. is a flavourful sub that tastes just like chicken but without any chicken, offering a middle ground for both meat and non-meat lovers. The crispy breaded vegetarian patty in wheat bread with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and pickles offers a refreshingly lighter option.

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It’s also packed with protein and fibre, which helps keep your muscles and digestion healthy.

Note that the TLC patty contains egg in its crumbed coating, making this suitable for vegetarians, not vegans.

Where can I try these subs?

Until November 28, the Vegan Balls and TLC subs will be available at eight Subway outlets in Dubai. These are four shops in Dubai Media City and Internet City area, both the Dubai Mall outlets, Spring Souks, and Jumeirah Village Pavilion.

The subs are priced at Dh25 for a six-inch sandwich or Dh45 for a footlong sub. Whether you’re looking to make a full-on vegetarian turn or toying with becoming a flexitarian, try out the Vegan Balls and TLC to see if they can be a part of your new healthy diet.

As with Subway’s conventional sandwiches, you’re free to customise these meat-free subs with the vegetables and sauces of your choice.

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