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Dubai – The environmental vision that Shaikh Zayed had for the UAE has raised the nation to what it is today. The fruits of his initiatives and efforts are evident all around us. Photography can be used to eternalise all things beautiful, so why not capture life that colours the nation and planet. The art form not only showcases the fascinating scenes that Nature creates but can also seriously help the environment. Photography can bring to light the problem and also get people to care more for their surroundings, a report by Joel Sartore, National Geographic photographer said. As for capturing scenes from the thriving environment, there are plenty of techniques that go into it. A report by National Geographic’s wildlife photographers, Cary Wolinsky and Bob Caputo stated, “Wild animals are going to do what they’re going to do. Unfortunately, you can’t ask them to look this way, do something cute, or stand where the light is better.” They also warn photography enthusiasts to be ready to exercise their patience. When taking photos of Nature one must consider the lighting, choose an element of focus and look out for contrasting textures, experts suggest.

Our reader photographers took up the challenge, as part of April’s Facebook Picture Competition theme: Environment and Shaikh Zayed.

We posted the editor’s pick of top five images on Gulf News’ Instagram page and asked our followers to vote on the picture that they thought best captured the theme. Here, we collect the results and present the winners with the most cumulative votes.

Editor’s note: If you would like to participate, log on to Gulf News’ Facebook page and send in your submissions.

RDS_180505 FB competition winner 1

This photo Danish Naduthodi took of wood storks from Al Ain Zoo involves a number of photography techniques. The reader chose the perfect moment to capture the birds’ position combined with great natural lighting. His picture received over 1,998 votes on Instagram, granting him first place in this month’s competition.

RDS_180505 FB competition winner 2

Ravichandran Venugopal took photo at Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary in Dubai. Venugopal said, “I took this photo in the morning time, when the light is very gentle. I think that the efforts of the great Shaikh Zayed are reflected beautifully in this photo.” This image received 1,941 votes on Instagram and won second place.

RDS_180505 FB competition winner 3

Gulf News reader Joi Herno Perlas took this photograph of leopards at the Emirates Park Zoo. As a photographer, Perlas effectively used good timing to capture the moment when the big cats were positioned well next to the greenery. It received 1,687 votes on Instagram, placing it third in this month’s competition.

RDS_180505 FB competition winner 4

This image was taken by Nidin Cherumanalil Vayalveettil at Al Ain Zoo. He said, “It was a surprising sight when I entered into Al Ain Zoo because it reminded me about the forest trekking I used to do back home.” The picture successfully captures the beauty of the city Shaikh Zayed grew up in, while showcasing what the zoo exhibits have to offer. This picture received 1,585 votes on Instagram and won fourth place.

RDS_180505 FB competition winner 5

Zeenath Muneer took this picture in Madinat Zayed in Abu Dhabi. She said, “I took this photo from a fort’s window. I tried to portray the vision of Shaikh Zayed as the view from the window and the greenery as the environment that he hoped to preserve.” His image earned 711 votes on Instagram and won fifth place.