Image Credit: YouTube

Dubai: YouTube ranks second among online sources for parenting tips among millennial parents in the UAE, new research suggests.

YouTube on Sunday released the findings of a six-month research conducted by marketing insights firm Ipsos to better understand millennials, the YouTube’s largest audience in the UAE.

Millennials are usually described as a group of people of similar ages, hence similar preferences, who were born in the 1980s or 1990s. They follow the previous Generation X.

The new report focused on UAE millennials sheds light on the age group’s priorities and viewing habits of online videos.

Almost three in four (72 per cent) married millennials (45 per cent of the UAE population) are parents who come to YouTube for help, as YouTube ranks second among online sources in the UAE for parenting advice.

Also, three in four mothers say YouTube provides information for people like them.

In the UAE, the most popular video categories among millennials, in order of highest watchtime, are Arts and Entertainment, Sports, News and Politics, Food and Cooking, Education and Self-Help.

The research also indicates that YouTube, at 97 per cent, has the highest reach among the millennial population in the UAE when compared to other online platforms.

Tarek Abdullah, head of marketing at YouTube and Google in the Mena region, said: “More than a billion people around the world come to YouTube everyday to discover, watch, and learn new things. This number continues to grow not just globally but also here in the Middle East and North Africa, and especially among millennials.”