B.R. Shetty, Indian businessman and head of temple committee

“The temple foundation work which was started today will see completion by 2020. It will be a source of spirituality and inclusiveness for all. We will work towards nurturing that peace and harmony. I am sure and confident that Prime Minister Modi will come for the temple inauguration out of the respect for the UAE-India relations.”


Yogesh Mehta, founder and chairman of Petrochem, Middle East

“It was truly a moment of pride and joy to welcome the Indian Prime Minister who spelled out his policies with so much clarity and transparency. Modi has taken the Indo-UAE relationship to another height and today morning what we witnessed was truly Modi magic. As a trustee of the Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi I can tell you this is an incredulous moment. The prime minister’s efforts and the vision of the Rulers of UAE have made this possible and we are extremely happy.”


Girish Pant, social worker and Dubai convenor of Indian People’s Forum

“It is a moment of pride in the chapter of UAE-India friendship and there is so much joy in the community that the Rulers have granted permission to establish a Hindu temple. This has put the responsibility on all Indian expatriates to work hard for this land, which has given us our fortunes and make sure we give back to the society and maintain peace and harmony.”


Dr Nishi Singh Srivastav, long-term medical professional in Dubai

“As an Indian, I am truly proud and emotional… The UAE leaders are fulfilling the long-term wish of the [Hindu members of the] Indian community by granting the land to have a place of worship which is truly a bridge [of tolerance]… It is such a big recognition for the people who have been working, slogging, building this country.”