Kalyani Jijith Image Credit: Supplied

Kalyani Jijith
Class 10, Private International English School, Abu Dhabi

If I could usher in three changes in today’s society, they would be:


Tall skyscrapers flank the avenue lit up in neon hues like a Christmas tree, their lights casting a glow on the people who mill past.

They are a motley crowd — bright-haired children, their delicate laughter like leaves fluttering on the wind; athletic joggers bursting with energy, sophisticated youth with quicksilver smiles, officegoers with tints of grey in their hair, businessmen with purposeful strides and laughing families.

In a world that screams individualism, it is ironic that conformity is encouraged. Critical minds tend to form stereotypes and prejudices against whole communities and races.

The world needs to accept that while we can share and appreciate similarities, we also need to celebrate differences.



What impedes people’s perception of their own identity are the notions of ideal beauty prevalent in society. The dissatisfaction of our image is derived from culture, peers and definitely, the media.

We get so worried about being “pretty”. Instead, let’s be pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty smart and pretty strong!



Some people are so blatantly blind to the theory of individualism that they openly campaign against those who stand out. In its extreme forms, acts of bullying can make the targeted feel so inferior that he or she might be pushed to the precipice.

To those who endure, please remember that your experiences don’t define you, what matters is who you choose to become. And to those who supress others, it’s better to be an encourager, the world has enough critics already.


My 3 favourite places in Abu Dhabi

Corniche: with its stunning horizons, lapping waves and soothing breeze.

Shaikh Zayed Grand mosque: A glittering architectural masterpiece that I itch to draw.

Masdar City: As a teen in the tech era, its futuristic environment is inspring.