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The schools are shut. There is a nip in the air. Perfect time then for families to step out and enjoy the pleasant weather.

If you’re looking for a place that is fun for both young and old, look no further than Dubai Garden Glow, where your children can explore nature as well as art while you saunter around taking in the fresh air.

Devashish Ruthia is at the park with his wife, Nidhi, 5-year-old son, Kiaan, and extended family. For them, the outing is a chance to unwind, spend some time outdoors and bond with each other.

Dubai Garden Glow_best outdoor destination
Now that the schools are out and the weather is nice, Dubai Garden Glow is the place to be to have some fun Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche

“The first time we came here, Kiaan was very young. He enjoyed mostly the lights,” says Devashish. “He is growing up to be a curious kid, loves dinosaurs and has also just started to read, so what better place than here.”

Needless to say Kiaan’s favourite place is the Dinosaur Park where more than 110 prehistoric creatures are on display complete with sound and movement. “As a parent, it is satisfying to see him read their names, learn about them, and enjoy the experience,” says Devashish.

“I like all the lights too!” chips in Kiaan.

“We loved the bright tunnel in the Glow Park and took pictures there,” adds Devashish. “Kiaan loved it so much that he ran through it again and again.”

Dubai Garden Glow_best outdoor destination
With something for everyone, Dubai Garden Glow is the perfect family destination Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche

Age is not a factor

Twenty-seven-year-old Swati Khuraniya is like a kid in a candy story, clicking pictures and in awe of all the lights and artistic installations around her.

“Driving from Sharjah to Dubai for work, I cross Dubai Garden Glow every day,” she says. “I have been wanting to visit the park for almost a year. Finally I’m here with my family.

“I’m enjoying every bit of the park. Dinosaur Park is my favourite. I was posing in front of the dinosaurs pretending to be scared. Suddenly they roared. I freaked out. I didn’t know they could make such real sounds.

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“This is a place where age is not a factor,” she says. “There is something for every age group.”

Her 13-year-old brother, Rishi, agrees. “I like the Glow Park. It’s beautiful and colourful. I loved the I Love Dubai logo.”

Adding to the attractions

Every year, Dubai Garden Glow adds new attractions – last season, it opened the Ice Park with a lot of fanfare. This year, it launched an Art Park with nature as the theme. About 500,000 recycled plastic and glass bottles filled with coloured water and around a thousand CDs were used to create the intricate yet elaborate artworks of animals, plants and birds. The Glow Park has also undergone a sea change with brand-new light installations.

Exploring various installations are Rawan Alsaid, her husband, Suleiman Aldabbas, their daughter, four-year-old Emaan Aldabbas and Alsaid’s parents – Mohammad Al Said and Zain Al Majali.

Dubai Garden Glow_best outdoor destination
Show the park around to visiting family and friends. Pictured is Rawan Alsaid and her family with her parents from Jordan Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche

“My parents are visiting from Jordan and we wanted to show them the attractive places in Dubai,” says Rawan. “This is our third visit to the park. They keep adding and improving things. This time we explored the Ice Park and loved it.”

This season, the Ice Park’s emphasis is also on nature and wildlife, with 50 plus animal sculptures, created by almost hundred artistes from China and Russia in a matter of two months, decorating the park.

“I loved the snow and the ice and it was so cold in there,” says Emaan.

Dubai is a special place for Emaan’s grandad, Mohammad Said, having lived and worked in the emirate for 35 years. “Every time we come, Dubai has a new destination to look forward to. This time it’s Dubai Garden Glow. It is beautiful, clean and comfortable for all ages – young and old,” says Said.

The best place to be

With families and friends visiting for the holidays, Dubai Garden Glow is just the place to ring in the New Year, marking a beginning in tune with nature.

If you think roaming around the 50-acre park would be a little too much for your elderly parents, get a wheelchair at the gates so that they can enjoy the attractions without any inconvenience.

It’s the Mascenons’ first visit to the park and Marycell is busy looking through pictures of her family at the photo booth to decide on the perfect memento.

Dubai Garden Glow_best outdoor destination
The Mascenons celebrated their daughter's first birthday with a visit to Dubai Garden Glow Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche

“I heard from friends that Dubai Garden Glow is a beautiful place, especially for families and children,” says her husband, Joselito. “So we decided to celebrate our daughter, Scarlett’s first birthday here. It was a very good experience.”

“Scarlett is young, so she was a little scared at the Dinosaur Park, but enjoyed all the lights and colours,” adds Marycell. “We will definitely come here again as it was fun to walk around the park in this nice weather and enjoy the attractions.”