Papa John's UAE spice
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A 2019 survey by the food company Kalsec found that our collective love of spice in our food is on the rise. According to the research, more than half of us now prefer that addictive spicy kick in our meals – a 50 per cent increase from data gathered in 2017.

While there were differences in the level of our national tolerances to spice - with the Mexicans preferring higher levels of spice and the French tending towards a more subtle kick - the overall message is that we crave more spice in our lives!

Spice can make an appearance in a wide variety of foods from curries and kimchi but if you haven’t quite reached vindaloo levels of kick, how can you ensure you can tailor the spices to meet your fiery tastes? What if you can’t get enough spice but you want to order pizza?

These are all questions that appear to have been addressed in Papa John’s UAE’s two brand new pizzas. Fancy ordering a peperoni pizza but you crave more of a kick? No problem – Papa John’s can deliver the popular pizza with an enticing jalapeno kick with its brand new Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza.

What if you’re more of a chicken ranch type of pizza connoisseur? No issues there either as Papa John’s has its classic smoking hot Spicy Chicken Ranch pizza, garnished with spicy jalapeno peppers.

The jwala factor

One of the most popular spices on the subcontinent, the jwala chilli, which is derived from a word meaning flame, should satisfy even the fussiest spice aficionados.

Also known as the finger chilli, due to its diminutive size, don’t let its proportions fool you into believing that this green spice doesn’t pack a fiery punch. It’s even backed up with science, achieving a more than respectable 100,000 SHU- rating on the Scoville scale – the accepted measurement of the pungency of chilli based on the concentration of capsaicinoids.

And fret not if you don’t eat meat – Papa John’s has added a second brand new, vegetarian-friendly Spicy Garden Special Pizza to its fiery stable, garnished with that fiery jwala hit.

Papa John's Spicy Chicken Ranch pizza
Papa John's Spicy Chicken Ranch pizza Image Credit: Supplied

Caring is sharing

One issue that spice lovers often face is a difference in tolerance to their friends and families. Well, luckily you don’t have to reach for the tabasco or carry around chilli flakes if you’re sharing a pizza as Papa John’s has thought of this as well. Each pizza is delivered with a pepperoncini pepper on the side, free of charge! Whether you fancy squeezing a bit of extra punch over your pizza or you’re brave enough to simply throw it in your mouth and soak up the heat – the choice is yours…

And if things get too heated, you can also reach for Papa John’s signature Special Garlic Sauce to calm things down a notch.

Customers can download the Papa John's Pizza UAE App on iOS and Android or visit the website.