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It’s safe to say that everyone has a go-to burger at McDonald’s UAE.

Mine is the Double Cheeseburger. It is my favourite cheeky treat. In fact, I only ever get the Double Cheeseburger, so it’s rare that I venture outside of this burger safe-zone that I have created for myself.

I’ve always seen it as a good thing to know what you want, but this could potentially hinder you from trying something different or realising that the other burgers are just as delicious.

So I went down to my closest McDonald’s on a random Thursday afternoon, excited to rediscover all of the five remastered classic burgers in one go.

McDonald’s UAE is shaking things up a bit by tweaking and remastering the way it cooks and serves five of its classic burgers.

This includes the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Double Cheeseburger, the Cheeseburger, and the Beefburger. Although the changes aren’t hugely noticeable at first glance, they elevated the burger experience.

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What makes a good burger tends first to focus on the core ingredient – the burger patty itself. The other components of a great burger include buns, condiments and last but not least… cheese.

Hotter. Juicier. Tastier.

Here I break down exactly how McDonald’s UAE made small changes to create a big difference in taste.

The patty

The heart of every burger is the patty. McDonald’s UAE has kept its familiar 100 per cent pure halal beef patties just as they are. Juicy as always and the star of the McDonald's burger. The patty is extra hot and moist, giving the burger a perfectly seasoned finish.

If you are a big meat eater, then your go-to should, naturally, be the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which, as the name claims, is made with a quarter-pound of beef more than your average burger. In this particular sandwich, the patty dominates with its seared and seasoned beef. Plus if you love onions, you are in for a treat.

The bun

To me, a very important aspect of a burger is the bun. The remastered new bun is softer, freshly toasted and has a darker golden brown colour with a hint of a glaze. The bun is so important to the execution of a burger. Buns tend to play a major role in burger popularity. And although you might not notice it immediately, next time you bite into your McDonald’s burger, pay attention to the new bun’s colour and glaze.

The sesame-sprinkled bun on the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder with Cheese also had a woody and toasted flavour, which enhanced the experience.

The cheese

I can never eat a burger without cheese. Cheese is an important element in a burger. And when it comes to a good old-fashioned classic Cheeseburger, incorporating melty cheese is the way to my heart.

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The McDonald’s UAE cheese is extra melty because of its position between the bun and the patty. It melts when it touches the hot bun and droops at the corners over the juicy patty. To really get a good mouthful of cheese, order the Double Cheeseburger for that extra dose of cheese, or any of the remastered burgers, apart from the beef burger, for obvious reasons.

The onion

One of the most revamped ingredients in the McDonald's classic burgers is the onion. The newly moderately caramelised onions are now added at the grill for that extra flavour and a hint of sweetness. They really upgrade any of the burgers you bite into. Caramelised onions encompass a whole lot of flavour for one very simple ingredient.

The condiments

All the remastered classics have the perfect combination of condiments to help give that umami flavour. The tangy and sweet ketchup, the noticeably acidic bite from the dill pickle and the mustard to top it off.

With all that being said, get your hands on the remastered classics by simply downloading and placing your orders through the McDonald’s App