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Fish Market after renovation in 2018 Image Credit: Supplied


They were here for three to four decades, and they’re here to stay. How do these eateries outlive the competition?

We have seen it year after year - some novel food trend comes and sweeps the internet. That said, some meals are greater than trends. Most of those long-lasting dishes can be found in a few of the oldest restaurants in Dubai.

In a time when restaurants seem to come and go with the seasons, a few standout stars have somehow stood the test of time. Longevity is a pretty reliable judge of a restaurant's worth, and we’re not talking a few years - we’re talking three to four decades.

When we speak of enduring restaurants, we take you to the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek, which was built in 1975, and is the first five-star hotel in Dubai. This heritage hotel, known for its iconic and award-winning restaurants, is home to three of Dubai’s much-loved dining places that have been serving exceptional cuisine to three generations.

Fish Market

Fishmarket Old
Fish Market seafood restaurant first opened in 1989 Image Credit: Supplied

First opened in 1989, Fish Market seafood restaurant has since served over one million kilos of fish, 600,000 kilos of prawns, and has shucked over 150,000 oysters.

The restaurant’s interactive market concept has proven to be incredibly successful throughout these years with patrons loving the fact that you can choose the freshest catch of the day, and the chef cooks it as you like it! This dining experience remains, but now the team behind the historical seafood restaurant has launched a brand new menu, which features several main course and platter options, too.

Not only will you be having a delicious meal, but when you dine at Fish Market, you are also supporting responsible fishing and sustainably sourced seafood. "Fish Market became the first member of the World Wildlife Fund Sustainable Seafood programme in Dubai,” says Chef Uwe Micheel, Director of Kitchens and President of Emirates Culinary Guild. “The focus of the restaurant has and will always be to serve locally and sustainably sourced seafood, supporting responsible fishing for both wild-caught and farmed seafood with the aim to harvest with zero environmental impact.”

Unlimited seafood

The Fish Market is now offering an unlimited seafood package every single day of the week. Seafood lovers can now enjoy unlimited servings of mouthwatering seafood grills, hearty mains, as well as sinful desserts and starters for only Dh299 per person including soft drinks and Dh399 per person including house beverages. Guests can expect something special every Friday though, as the restaurant hosts The Fish Market Brunch, which gives diners additional access to the hotel’s SuperBrunch deal - all for the same price! The restaurant also runs last minute deals on their Instagram page @FishMarketDXB such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free on the brunch or discounted offers. Make sure you follow them and turn on post notifications for the page in order to avail these promotions.

You can now try the new menu and visit the legendary Fish Market at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek.

Shabestan, Purely Persian

Built in 1984, Shabestan is Dubai’s most nostalgic and authentic Persian restaurant Image Credit: Supplied

You have not been to Dubai, if you have not eaten at Shabestan. Built in 1984, this is Dubai’s most nostalgic and authentic Persian restaurant.

If there is one restaurant that travellers from all over the world need to cross off from their Dubai bucket list, it is Shabestan. The heritage restaurant has served three generations over the past four decades, yet its legendary service and authentic experience remains. The recipe is a well-guarded secret. When Shabestan’s former head chef, Shirazi retired, he passed on his secrets to his only son, Chef Abol, who now heads the culinary team at the restaurant.

Its people are the quintessential part of Shabestan, as most of the team has been with the family for over thirty years. They provide guests with tradition, familiarity, loyalty, and exceptional service – qualities that dedicated patrons and fans of the restaurant have valued all these years.

Did you know? Shabestan is frequently visited by the royal family of Dubai and Sharjah. Just recently, a popular 90s American Hollywood actor, Steven Seagal secretly visited the restaurant!

Dishes to try

Special dishes like the Shabestan Royal Platter or Mixed Kebab on Mangal are classic favourites. Look out the windows lining the dining area and you can admire the gorgeous Dubai vista with glittering magical lights by the creek, just as you are presented with an array of tender, well-cooked and marinated meats to feast on. Quality and tradition are the foundation of its dishes. The restaurant’s fresh and quality ingredients make it a purely Persian destination.

Boulevard Gourmet 

Creating custom designed cakes for all occasions since 1987, Boulevard Gourmet is known to be the UAE’s first ever gourmet cake shop.

The cake artist, Chef Prasad, is the man responsible behind crafting elaborate, personalised designs for the famous cake shop’s loyal patrons. Nestled right in front of the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek, Boulevard Gourmet is popular not only for its deliciously sweet temptations and for freshly baked pastries, but also for serving healthy juices, coffee, as well as salads and sandwiches. Either grab a takeout, or enjoy the outdoor seating area outside the café. You can even order online now and a relish a delightful breakfast or lunch whilst working from home or from your office.

Boulevard Gourmet has been creating custom designed cakes for all occasions since 1987 Image Credit: Supplied

Sweet Talk: Guinness World Record

Boulevard Gourmet has broken the Guinness World Record of displaying the largest variety of desserts – a total of 2,586!

“Our desserts were created to represent the world, and we selected countries and regions from all continents so we could have the broadest range of ingredients and styles,” says Chef Uwe Micheel, Director of Kitchens and President of Emirates Culinary Guild.

He’s not exaggerating! Not only did every dessert contain at least two ingredients, and three or more servings – for 10,056 servings in all – the buffet table was weighed down by three tonnes of eggs, sugar, flour and butter, whipped up by 57 hotels, restaurants and caterers from all seven emirates.

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