Dubai: The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) organising office will start registering retail outlets that wish to participate in the upcoming DSF 2008.

The initiative is aimed at enhancing shopping opportunities for DSF visitors and creating a competitive retail atmosphere during the month-long sales and tourism event between January 24 and February 24.

Registration will open on December 24 and continue until January 31, the DSF Office said on Saturday.

To simplify procedures for participants, registration and other formalities can be completed at the DSF registration desk located on the ground floor of Dubai's Department of Economic Development.

Registrations will be accepted from 4 to 8pm Sunday to Thursday and from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.

This year, retailers can participate in three categories - DSF Sales, DSF Discounts and DSF Offers, besides the DSF Raffles segment that is open to outlets owned by a DSF key or support sponsor.

To participate in DSF Sales, retailers must submit a letter of undertaking declaring that all merchandise in the store will be marked down by at least 25 per cent from prices prevailing before the Shopping Festival.

"A large number of retailers are expected to participate in the coming DSF. Last year, over 3,000 retailers took part in DSF, and this number is set to increase in view of the focus on shopping for DSF 2008," said Suhaila Gobash, DSF sponsorship manager.

Non-participating retail outlets will not get permission from the Department of Economic Development to conduct any promotion or sale.