fantasy world: A man looks at an email offering escort services in Dubai xpress/ Zarina Fernandes

Dubai Illegal escort service companies in Dubai have resorted to email to spread word about their services, sparking fears that they have gained access to large email databases.

One such underground company headed by a lady under the name of Ms Neesha has been sending out mass emails advertising “Top Class Indian and Pakistani Escorts in UAE”.

Each email comes with 24 attachments, including pictures and profiles of six female escorts. The accompanying sentence reads: “We have escorts ready to play with you and provide the pleasure you require.” The email goes on to say that all escorts are “101 per cent hygienic, well-educated, understanding and caring.”

An XPRESS phone call to the du mobile number listed in the email was answered by a polite female who said each escort charges Dh1,600 per two hours. Charges vary based on in-call or out-call requests. “The escorts can be picked up from near the Gold Souq in Bur Dubai,” she told our undercover reporter.

In the event that the email offends the receiver, Ms Neesha writes that those who wish to unsubscribe to her escort updates may do so by clicking a link.

Marwan, an Egyptian engineer, says he was appalled when he saw a similar email in his Hotmail account about a week ago. “I’m a family man and this is our private family email account. It’s shocking to think someone would send an email of this sort to us.”

“I can’t understand how they have access to my email address,” says Tanya, an Australian freelancer. “I assume they paid off someone or bought their email database under a dubious guise. What’s worse is that a large number of people may just respond, making them believe they should reach out to more people!”

Despite being billed as escorts, the online profiles tell a different story. Neha, a 24-year-old Indian brunette, lies provocatively on a bed wearing a little black dress. Her profile includes detailed descriptions of the sexual acts she offers. Her colleagues - some photographed in intimate lingerie - offer similar services.

An online search shows this isn’t a one-off. Various websites, some of which are not yet blocked, offer similar services with the option of subscribing to email updates.

In March 2011, XPRESS reported how escort services are using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to hook up with clients.