Three students stood out as much for their talent as for the fact that they are among the youngest pupils performing at the second anniversary celebrations of the Music Chamber last month.

The institute for musical learning was founded by three Palestinian brothers with a deep passion for music.

About 37 gifted musicians of various nationalities and age groups showcased their musical prowess, playing instruments ranging from percussion, string, wind and piano, enthralling an audience of more than 200.

The triumphant three

Jonas Lindstrom, who turned 5 in November, just "blew the crowds away" with his astounding improvisation on drums. Yokino Kaga, who is only 4 years and 11 months old, excelled at the violin and did a solo piece beautifully.

Sameer Abeidoh, 9 years old, played the violin like a professional.

Jonas is the youngest child of Jan and Bernadette, a Swedish-Filipino couple. He has three other siblings ? Jade, Jasmine and Thane.

From an early age Jonas showed a keen interest in drums that resulted from frequent visits to the Hard Rock Café where there's a live band every night.

He used to drum on anything ? chairs, tables, water bottles, and instead of watching cartoons on TV he watches music videos and concerts.

At the age of 2 1/2 when he started nursery, his father bought him a drum set.

In the Children's Oasis nursery his teacher Jacky encouraged Jan and Bernadette to enroll him for drum lessons since "Jonas has the beat and rhythm".

Jan and Bernadette immediately scouted for a music institute for Jonas. However, much to their dismay, all of them refused to take their son because their minimum enrolment age is 8.

Fortunately, Jacky referred them to The Music Chamber, where Jonas finally found a place to keep beating drums and may fulfil his dreaming of becoming a professional drummer.

Nasser Abeidoh, Operations Manager of The Music Chamber and Jonas's drums instructor, said: "Jonas is one of my best students, out of 60.
He does not just play the drums, he feels them."

He added: "Jonas started with us a month before he turned 4 years old. Normally we do not take in kids that young but he's an exceptional case." He described Jonas as a "genius".

Young and already there

Yokino Kaga kept up with the rest of the older kids in her group and also did a violin solo (Fiddle Time by Kathy and David Blackwell).

Yokino is the eldest of Naoko and Kenji's two siblings. Born of Japanese parents, she has been playing the violin only since May but already shows remarkable talent.

In Japan it's normal for children to learn to play musical instruments at a very young age.

Naoko, a piano teacher, is the main influence on her daughter's relationship with the violin. Naoko said that she wants Yokino to learn to play the piano, but since it will be difficult for her to teach her own daughter, she decided to enrol her in a music school.

Yokino once attended violin classes in Jumeirah Plaza but her teacher left the country. Naoko then went to The Music Chamber and enrolled Yokino to develop her flair.

Yokino plays the violin for 30 minutes every day, and her mother plays the piano with her.

Apart from music, she is also interested in ballet and attends a half-hour class once a week.


Sameer Abeidoh, who belongs to a very musical family, (his father Nasser, sister, uncle and cousins all play musical instruments) played Concerto in Minor, 3rd movement by Vivaldi flawlessly and by memory.

Nasser says that Sameer only learned this piece two weeks ago and it was a difficult piece.

Sameer is the only child of Nasser, who is one of the three brothers who own The Music Chamber.

He started playing violin in Jordan 4 years ago and initially played the instrument by himself. As Nasser puts it, he has a "gift", a rare talent to recognise any note that he hears.

The Music Chamber certainly develops a lot of gifted pupils who made the concert a roaring success. It may equally well be inborn or acquired.