Ten of Lebanon's top universities were at the Consulate General of Lebanon in Dubai last week for an educational fair. The universities were represented by their respective Directors of orientation and admission and the event was facilitated by the Consulate General of Lebanon and the Lebanese university alumni net work based in Dubai.

Notes caught up a few of the representatives, students and alumni to learn more. Though the Fair was relatively quiet, the students who came were serious about applying to the Lebanese institutions and the representatives could devote ample time to clarify doubts and share information. After a day in Dubai, the exhibition moved to the Institute of Culture and Art, Abu Dhabi.

University requirements

  • Most Lebanese Universities require the following documents for undergraduate applicants:
  • A photocopy of National Identity Card ( A passport copy for foreign applicants)
  • A photocopy of a recent Family Civil Status record dating less than six months ( For Lebanese nationals only)
  • Two recent passport size photos
  • A certified copy of the Lebanese baccalaureate or equivalent
  • Certified copies of all transcripts or grades for last three years
  • A certified secondary school record including average and rank in class.
  • An adequate TOEFL score is a requirement in all institutions that use English for instruction.
  • SAT I and/II is a requirement in the institutions that follow American system like Notre Dame University.
  • Check appropriate web site for major-specific requirements.
  • The selected students have to then take an entrance exam if required and a language placement test in French, English and/Arabic

Makhoul, a grade 12 student of the French school was at the event with both his parents. "I aspire to pursue a degree in engineering either in Lebanon or the States. I have not yet chosen my specialisation; I am here to check out options" he said.

Maya Nohra, Head Office of orientation and admission at Antonine University stated that hers was a relatively new university, having been established in 1996. "Our Institute of Dental Prosthetics is one of a kind and very reputed" she said. Details on programmes and requirements are on their website www.upa.edu.lb

Roger Hadad, Information and Promotion officer of the University of Saint Joseph said "One of the benefits of studying in a Lebanese institution like ours is that students become tri-lingual. This will equip students with skills that enable them to work in any environment. The university has almost 11,200 students most of whom are French speakers.

Their campus in Beirut offers humanities and literature, science and engineering, medical and para medical courses, business and law all in one big campus", said Roger.

For more information, visit www.usj.edu.lb

Angelique Beaino, From the Usek Holy Spirit University of Kaslik stated that they have about 7,200 students who are taught in both French and English. Programmes in business, sciences, applied art, from undergrad to doctoral levels are available.

Actuarial mathematics and statistics transport and logistics, advertising, industrial chemistry, environmental chemistry, medicine music, archaeology and modern translations are some of the programmes.

Visit: www.usek.edu.lb

Dr Viviane Naimy, Director of Admissions from Notre Dame University, said, "We have three campuses, one the main campus in Zouk Mosbeh, and two branch campuses, one in Basra, the North Lebanon campus and the other in Deir Al Kamar, the Shouf campus. The main campus is very huge, like a city in itself.

The university is well known for its applied majors, curricula are regularly upgraded to be in line with most recent developments in the world". Elie Mattar, a graduate of the school said, "There were barely 392 students in 1992 but today there are over 5,000". "In the last year alone there has been a 22 per cent increase in enrolments," said the director of admissions. Toufic Madi, another alumnus from NDU said he did his communications engineering and is employed in the field of information security.

To learn more about the university, visit www.ndu.edu.lb
The representative from the American University in Beirut, Saleem A. Kanaan was busy accepting applications and answering queries from interested students. AUB offers over 100 undergraduate and graduate programmes in six faculties leading to bachelors, masters and MD degrees. Deadline for the fall semester is January 15 and for spring is November 30. www.aub.edu.lb has all details.

Christina, a grade 13 student from Lycee Georges Pompidou, seemed excited about the prospect of going back to Lebanon to study. She said, "I wish to study Interior design. After 18 years in the UAE, I am happy to go to Lebanon. I have both friends and family there. I am looking forward to studying there."

Consul Farah Al Khatib, said, "This fair is an important event for us. It gives every Lebanese national living in the UAE the opportunity to understand the educational opportunities in Lebanon. Students who return home to pursue higher studies not only learn but also get to experience Lebanese culture and way of living and this is very important."

— The writer is the director of Counselling Point Educational and Social Services and Adjunct faculty Sharjah Women's College