Dubai: A Unesco-supported identity card will entitle UAE students five to 95 per cent discounts in more than 460 travel, leisure and many other stores in the country and 124,000 outlets worldwide.

Launched by Infinia Alive, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) will cost Dh55 annually and can be used by students who are younger than 30.

“Students usually have restrained budgets. The idea is to assist them in meeting their needs at discounted prices while offering them a variety of products and services,” said Prashant Khattar, managing director of InfiniaAlive.

Currently over 11.6 million students are using ISIC in 129 countries. Discounts are available at select airlines, cafes, restaurants, hotels, sports and electronic stores

“We are in talks with the RTA to come with an arrangement where students could avail discounts on buses and the Dubai Metro,” said Khattar.