If you think the curtains in your drawing room look dull and boring, pep them up with attractive beaded tiebacks that you can easily make at home.

You will need beads in metallic and pearl finish and some that are golden. They may be big or small. You will also need fishing twine.

Take around three metres of the twine and thread one end of it through a metallic bead.

String two pearls through each end of the fishing twine as shown in the picture.

Thread one end of the fishing twine into a pearl and then pass the other end of the twine into the same pearl, so it looks as if both ends of the twine are crossed.

Again, thread two pearls through each end of the fishing twine. Then, repeat Step 3 with the metallic bead.

Continue this process until you reach the desired length of the beaded tieback. The ideal length is 80 centimetres but you can keep it as long or as short as you want.

You can see in the picture how the end can be fixed. Get a nail with a rounded head and fix it to the last metallic bead with pliers.

You'll need a chain with medium or small links. Take around 10 centimetres of it and fix to the hook attached to the metallic bead.

Now for some more decoration. Take a nail as the one you see in the picture (they are available at most shops selling stitching items). Slip in one golden bead, pass it through the metallic bead and slip in another golden bead through the open end. Use pliers to secure the open end of the nail by giving it a round shape.

This is the final look. I have fixed crystals below the small golden beads with a chain link. You can choose to hang beads of any shape or colour to match your curtains.

I tried making tiebacks with different beads. The method is the same but you can use as many beads as you want.
Go ahead, mix and match with different beads and enjoy the effect.

Gulsen Dikturk is a UAE-based art enthusiast.