We all have our personal lists - of the zaniest/quirkiest/
funniest/ craziest/smartest ... We devote this page to them.
This week, Gillian Mckenzie Greer lists ...

'Let's meet for lunch' How often do we say this to colleagues and friends. It's just an easy way of getting of someone.

'I'll call you' If it's a guy saying this to you, don't raise your expectations because he may not call. Even if he does, it may be several days later. If it's coming from a prospective employer they probably won't call either. Usually that call never comes, so stop waiting.

'The cheque is in the post' Basically means I have forgotten to pay you and I'll send it when I get money.

'It looks great on you' Coming from a shop assistant who just wants make the sale in order to increase her commission, this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

'It was on sale' A good way to hide the real price of your expensive shoes. If you say the magic words your spouse will never know that it cost a fortune so put it in the wardrobe and say nothing more.

'I'll stop eating chocolates tomorrow' Tomorrow never comes, they just keep buying yet another box of chocolates.
'I was not sleeping, just resting my eyes'
How many times do we hear this from behind a newspaper or a person sitting in front of the TV?

'I'll start my diet on Monday' Monday of which week, month or year? Being vague simply shows that you don't really mean it.

'Will be back in five minutes' From what moment in time and why am I waiting for 20 minutes?

'I'll think about it' Translation: "No. But I don't want to tell you now. I get a kick from keeping you guessing."
– As told to Hina Navin, a Dubai-based freelancer