British comedy show The Mighty Boosh has become a cult phenomenon around the world. We talk to Naboo actor Mike Fielding about the show's success and his passion for the DJ box.

Welcome to the world of The Mighty Boosh. It's a funny place where apes can talk and bodyless heads cry outrage. Best of all are the characters - humorous, surreal and endearing at the same time.

There's the comedy double act of Vince and Howard - played by Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt - and the lovable Naboo, a frog-squeezing, carpet-flying shaman.

In addition to the television show, there's a whole host of extras - a book, a stage show, a calendar, a music festival and a music album in the making.

It's the show's quirky style and its rock 'n' roll edge that would make you assume these guys know a lot about music.

Vince is indie through and through - from his precious hairstyle to his finely tuned fashion sense. Howard's floppy hair and statement moustache also seem to point to a true rocker.

Thoughts on Dubai

"It's really exciting to go to places that I've never been to before, particularly to play some tunes," he answered when asked about his thoughts on Dubai.

Djing around the world

It's harder to guess the off-screen persona of the heavily costumed Naboo. His colourful turban and floor-length shaman's attire give little away. But off-screen it's a different story.

Naboo actor Mike Fielding's passion for the DJ box is the latest off-shoot from the fabulous world of Boosh-dom.

Following the show's success, he's DJ'd around the world - his latest spot being right here in Dubai at Chi@The Lodge last weekend.

"I started off DJing as a favour to a mate who ran a night at the Telegraph Club on Brixton Hill in London," he told tabloid! "So I got into DJing from there and am lucky to be able to DJ all over the world now after the success of The Boosh."

Fielding's taste in music is as wide as it is eclectic.

"I listen to all kinds of music," he said. "Noel and I were brought up on everything from the Rolling Stones to Fairport Convention to New York Dolls."

With a famous brother - Noel has a huge following - and string of high profile friends, Mike is unfazed by the media attention.

"I don't really see myself as a celebrity," he said. "I think it's more interesting to not let it get to your head."

He's also coy. When asked about his celebrity friends - rumoured to include Sienna Miller's former squeeze, Rhys Ifans, members of Razorlight, The Horrors, Robots In Disguise, IAMX, Kasabian, Dirty Pretty Things and Courtney Love - Mike simply says: "I hang out with my friends. I'm not as fussed about what they do."

But the tiny star has more to answer for than he readily admits.

In an interview with British chat show host Jonathan Ross, Mike's brother Noel said that The Mighty Boosh's abstract name stemmed from Mike's childhood nickname. As a nipper, the actor had big curly hair that a Portuguese friend described as being like a "mighty boosh".

Bush hair

"I basically had big curly ‘bush' hair and a friend growing up called it a mighty boosh because he had a mad accent," said Mike.

But it was a while before the childhood nickname became the smash-hit show it is today. Mike left school and went onto college where he took media studies.

After graduating, his quest for adventure led him to Australia where he lived for a year. He was coaxed back to the UK with a script for the pilot show of The Mighty Boosh.

"The atmosphere on set is amazing," said Mike. "You would never know what to expect coming in each day. Every set gets more elaborate."

The show is a family affair with brother Noel and young nephew Kirk Gaitskell-Kendrick playing a child shaman.

"The fact we have our friends and family in the show gives it its charm," said Mike. "People love that about the show because it's not pretentious at all."

The Mighty Boosh was a long time in the making. In an interview with The Observer, Noel describes his 10-year quest for comedy magic. Noel and Julian met at a comedy club in 1998 and decided to become "the new Goonies".

After their first performance, they invented their Mighty Boosh characters in a series of sketches for Paramount Comedy's Unnatural Acts. Three stage plays and a BBC radio series followed, before the television pilot was eventually commissioned.

A decade on, the concept has become a cult phenomenon.

"The Boosh started off small," said Mike. "People would watch it by accident and then tell their friends. It grew from there. It's got a crazy cult status now with the fans dressing up like the characters. It's hard to get your head around."


Favourite Mighty Boosh character: My favourite character is Hitcher. He is based on mine and Noel's granddad Vic. I love Crack Fox too, he's terrifying.

DJ style: I play a few electro tunes, maybe some old ones too and a few random classics.

Thoughts on The Mighty Boosh Festival in July: The festival was great. It's a weird feeling having your own festival. It went well.

Favourite album: Parklife by Blur

Favourite artist: The Rolling Stones

Favourite TV show: That 70s Show

Favourite London hang out: Barfly