Angkor treatment room at the spa. Image Credit: Supplied

When a facial is described with the words "alpha beta", "extraction", "steaming" and "hyaluronic gel", you know it can only mean business.

And a thorough, no-nonsense detox was exactly what I needed due to the indulgences of the festive season and a desire to take better care of my skin this year.

SensAsia Urban Spa at The Village in Jumeirah recommended their Alpha Beta Deluxe treatment, which is meant to sort out fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, blackheads and whiteheads and help with anti-ageing. The treatment uses products from the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta skincare range. Dr Dennis Gross is a renowned Manhattan dermatologist whose products are used by many celebrities and even Oprah and her protégé Dr Oz. My very helpful therapist went through each step of the treatment, donned her face mask to begin the procedure of cleansing, mild acid peeling, steaming, squeezing (oh, the excruciating squeezing of blackheads!) and applying a hydrating mask.

The products are not so harsh that you experience serious discomfort but you will feel some tingling and warmth as they work their magic.

The session also comes with a lovely arm, head and shoulder massage at the end.

For a person with very oily skin the therapist commented how dehydrated the outer layers of my skin were and, apart from taking better care of my skin, suggested I increase my water intake. At the end of the session I looked a little red and puffy but my skin was so much softer and glowing. The therapist also suggested a couple of products that I should use as part of a regular beauty regimen. I was cautioned not to undergo any skin treatments for 24-48 hours or be in the sun for too long during that time.

A day later, my skin felt a bit tight and was peeling ever so slightly (it's perfectly normal) but it still felt smoother and softer than it had in months.

The 50-minute Alpha Beta Deluxe treatment is Dh450. It involves a professional face peel with Hyaluronic Gel, extraction, self-heating mask and an arm and shoulder massage.

Products used from the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta skincare range:

  • Two-step Extra Strength Peel
  • All-in-one Facial Cleanser with Toner
  • All-In-One Tinted Moisturiser Sunscreen SPF 15
  • Hydra-Pure Smart Spray
  • Intense Hydra Mask