Nelke Aspert tells Manjari Saxena that the grass is said to be always greener on the other side. But with her husband Frans Giezen, it is the other side

Frans Giezen and Nelke Aspert have been married for nine years. They are Dutch and have been in Dubai for almost two years.

They own the Power Plate Centre in Jumeirah. Both are confessed workaholics but assure all free time is family time. They have three sons Ramon, 17, Pepeijn, 5 and Romeq, 2.

Frans Giezen

Our meeting was a coincidence. Nelke and I were invited - more like forced - to go out over the weekend by friends.

When we met, we hadn't thought of being together. Our relationship began as friendship.

But our wedding took place in a hurry. Nelke's mother was not keeping very well, so we had to rush our marriage. But it has all turned out for the best.

On our first meeting itself, Nelke made me feel very comfortable.

I opened up to her quickly because she is a very good listener.

Usually, when you meet someone, they want to pile you with their life history and here she was allowing me to speak rather than do all the talking.

Otherwise, she is a very tough person and doesn't agree to everything easily. But, I am also aware that she will never harm anyone. It is all for good.

Ups and downs

Like everyone, we have had our share of ups and downs in life.

Before I came to Dubai, I wasn't really happy with my work. I had reached a certain level in my career and was doing very well.

But something was missing. And when you are at a senior level, its even more difficult to quit.

Starting afresh, in a completely new country, is a big risk. Yet, we learnt at each step and came through successfully. Otherwise, I wouldn't be sitting here talking about this to you.


Nelke also a great mother. She spends all her free time with the children. She'd prefer to take them out rather than go shopping herself only because she feels she gets so little time to spend with them.

Talking to you today has been a pleasure because it has made us refresh our love for each other.

Due to busy work schedules, one can often, not forget, but miss out on the value of such emotions.

It is our love that helps get through everything and we're really happy with each other.

Nelke Aspert

To be honest, when I met Frans, I was not looking for a relationship.

I had just been through a bad one and was not out for another. I did like him, though, when I met him.
In fact, the first time I went out with him, I took my son Ramon with us. And we did have a good time. But our friendship grew stronger.

Fine person

Frans is a very fine person and I felt comfortable with him but I had no thoughts of marriage. We married because my mother was dying and she wanted us to wed before she went away.

My mother was battling cancer and at that time, she was the most important thing in my life apart from my son.

It was an extremely trying time for me and Frans was constantly with me. Helping at the hospital, supporting me, taking care of Ramon.


In fact, he has accepted my son very well and they get along very well together.

Most men are very closed about a woman's past, but Frans is very sensitive.

He's a very good father and loves all three boys. Now that Ramon is all set to go to university, we are both anxious.

Especially me. It is like the fledgling taking its first flight. How the mother worries?

But we know it is for his future. We both love our work but mornings and evening are always for the family.

People say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

But, today after nine years, I can easily say that for me this is the other side.

I cannot imagine a life without Frans. He has filled a big emptiness in my life in a very intense way.

I am a very difficult person to live with. I am a very strong personality and I never want to change. But he has accepted me 200 per cent.

We are like ying and yang. We cover up for each other's weaknesses.