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DUBAI: Millions of people worldwide suffer from allergies throughout the year, but many don’t know what triggers them. Time and again they go through various tests trying to figure out what is causing their nose to run, eyes to itch and throats to stratch. Now, a new allergy kit aims to reduce their suffering by telling them exactly what their allergy triggers are in just half an hour, says a homeopathy doctor.

“It’s very simple for us to use this kit,” Dr Mukesh Batra, founder-chairman of Dr Batras Group of Companies, told XPRESS. “All we do is prick the finger, extract a drop of blood and test it for allergens and within 30 minutes you get the results.”

Not only that, it also identifies key allergy triggers and helps establish the extent of the condition.

clear diagnosis

Dr Batra said the kit will save the patient the inconvenience and expense of undergoing numerous allergy tests. It also helps the doctor make a clear diagnosis and treat the specific allergy.

“It will show whether a patient is allergic to moulds, housemites, pollens or any other triggers.”

“Though the kit is used by the doctor, the patient will not be charged extra for it,” Dr Batra said.

“A year’s treatment costs around Dh2,500, including the tests which will be conducted from time to time to let us know how the treatment is progressing as well as the allergy levels.”

He said homeopathic treatments improve overall immunity and immunity to specific allergies.

Simple ways to keep allergens out:

Remove clutter: A messy home makes a nice place for dust mites, bugs and mould to breed. Dump old newspapers, magazines and keep dustbins outside the house if you can.

Get rid of carpets and curtains: Dust mites and pet dander love carpets, rugs and curtains. Vaccum at least once a week and if possible get rid of carpets and rugs and opt for a bare floor.

Bedding wash: Wash your bed linen in hot water at least once a week. If possible go for steam cleaning as it gets rid of 95 per cent of allergens.
Keep bathroom dry: Damp bathrooms are a breeding ground for mould. Clean walls with chlorine to keep fungus at bay.

Keep allergens at door: Every time you come indoors you bring dust from outside. Taking a shower and changing your clothes washes away allergens. Leaving your shoes at the door will help you combat allergens in your home.