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This far into Ramadan most people have faced the ubiquitous spreads of Arabic appetisers, mixed grills and sweets. Palates are jaded and boredom has set in.

But when these dishes are presented well, prepared with love and to a high standard of quality, it doesn't matter how many kebbeh you've scoffed — it is still a pleasure to consume them.

Kempinski Hotel Ajman, which boasts the only Ramadan tent in the northern emirates, has achieved this. It does not have an extensive suhour menu, but the items that do feature on it are of a high quality.

For those who do not eat large quantities during iftar, the set menu, which my colleague and I chose, is an excellent option. Unobtrusive waiters first bring over fat dates, apricots and dried figs followed by the usual humus, mutabal, tabouleh, fattoush, kebbeh, warak aneb, pickles and cheese samboussek. The rice wrapped in vine leaves was flavoursome and not overpowered by lemon juice. Made fresh, the savoury pastries were crisp and generously filled. The pickles also came in decent sized chunks and were thankfully not limp.

Signature dish

Arabic grills followed as the main course. The usual à la carte items such as hot and cold mezze, arayes, shawarama and biryanis are also available.

The highlight of the meal, however, was the umm ali. All too often, the gelatinous mess that is served up at buffet tables puts people off this dessert, but this hotel's version was served in little cups — it was warm, comforting and not too runny. The dessert is chef Pierre-Julien Rebuzzi's signature dish, and has a special ingredient: rose water. "It's a very traditional Arabic ingredient and can be added to the recipe to taste and makes for some very tasty umm ali," the French national said.

If you've exhausted the iftar and suhour options in your neck of the woods, take a drive down to Ajman for a relaxing dining experience.

  • Where: Kempinski Hotel Ajman's Ramadan tent
  • Call: 06-7145555
  • X-factor: The only Ramadan tent in the northern emirates.
  • Ambience: Traditionally Arabic.
  • Must-have: Umm ali
  • Price: Dh125 for the Ramadan set menu. À la carte items range from Dh21 to Dh85