We can all find time for the things we want to do, so decide when you want to exercise. Then look at your day. How can you manage your time wisely so that you have time for the important things in your day?

A muddled person has no time for anything. Prioritise the important things that need to be done during your day and then manage your time.

Unimportant tasks have a way of dominating our lives, so only do the things that really need to be done:
• Time with the children.
• Time with your spouse.
• Preparing meals.
• Work.
• Housework.
• Exercise.
• Free time.

Getting the children to help frees up time and is better for them as it encourages them to become organised themselves.

Plot your time
Exercise for 10 to 20 minutes in the morning, combined with an evening swim, a walk in the park, or 30 minutes in the gym on your way home from work. Do this daily.

Not only will you feel refreshed, but also benefit from the space between work and home. You can get a free copy of my mini-morning exercise programme by emailing at mini.em@naturalhealthlines.com

Exercise without the strain: When you go to office or visit the mall, don't park your car as near to the door as possible. Park it at some distance and take a small walk.

If you do that two or three times a day, six days a week, you'll have put in a lot of exercise without having to think too much about it. And when was the last time you walked up the stairs? Take the stairs instead of the elevator and you're taking the first step towards regular exercise.

Slimming lifestyle
Is your weight loss going nowhere? You've been ever so good... so far. Nothing but low-fat, off-the-shelf meals has passed your lips and still you haven't lost a single pound. Sounds familiar?

Well, the problem might lie in the content of those innocent-looking "low-fat" ready meals.

Always check out the ingredients first. You may be in for a surprise when you read the label on diet and low-fat meals. Some of these apparently virtuous meals are high in calories, salt and fat, both saturated and unsaturated.

And worse, some meals are actually higher in sugar than the equivalent meal cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients. Apart from jeopardising your weight loss programme, meals high in sugar content can cause major problems if you suffer from diabetes.

I am worried about my falling hair. From the day we shifted to a new house my hair is falling abruptly. I had very thick hair but now it has reduced considerably. Many say that hair falling is quite natural, but I did not face any problem earlier.

On the advice of a pharmacist I tried Scorciere liquid to rub on the scalp, then I tried A29 Biological Hair capsules plus and changed the shampoo. I consume three litres of water a day and have a thyroid problem since eight years. I have been taking Eltroxin tablet with no side effects. - Hemanth

One of the reasons contributing to falling hair is stress, and they do say that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences that a person can have. So you have my sympathy there.

I recommend that you take Permea Plus tablets (one a day) - they are available from the pharmacy. They will start to produce healthy new hair growth. Be patient, because if you have suffered severe stress, it may take the tablet five to six weeks before you start to see the new hair growth.

Also, try to follow a healthy, balanced diet and I am sending you a copy of my healthy eating guide, which will help you.

Continue drinking plenty of water, and just use a simple shampoo - although the shampoo will not have any effect on hair growth.

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