The restaurant is a must-visit for those looking for good food, great ambience and a change in scenery. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Business Bay today is what Dubai Marina was two years ago. While everyone knows that the relatively quiet district remains a hot prospect in the future, not many establishments have set up shop in the vicinity.

Eateries are few and far between and restaurant openings are very rare. Residents satisfy their takeaway craving by either driving a few minutes into Downtown Dubai or heading to Dubai Mall.

The part of Business Bay that faces Shaikh Zayed Road has a selection of restaurants and cafés, however, the other side only has a few to offer. One of those is a newly opened café tucked away in one of the buildings along the banks of the creek.

Nostalgie Café and Bakery is a must-visit establishment for those looking for good food, great ambience and a change in scenery. It is a potential landmark in Business Bay.

The café overlooks the tall towers of Downtown Dubai and its bustling streets from across the creek. Parking is not a problem as there is ample space behind and next to the café.

Located on the ground floor of Hamilton Tower, Nostalgie is run and managed by Sophie Rubeni, a cheerful, energetic and hospitable restaurateur, who welcomes patrons into her café as one would welcome visitors into their home.

The positive energy is infectious and, at first glance, you will notice that Rubeni leads by example since the staff is incredibly welcoming and friendly, too.

“We chose Business Bay because we hope this area will have a good future,” says Rubeni. “We love the view from here, we love the water and we can see the beautiful Burj Khalifa. It is a nice area. I love it and I believe in its future, especially once the walk is open.”

Rubeni says since the café opened in April, they have witnessed a steady growth in business and a few regular visitors.

Asked what makes Nostalgie stand out, Rubeni replies, “Our food is home-made, our juices are extra fresh and all our bakery items are home-made. It takes us a little while to prepare items on our menu, but it is worth waiting for.”

The customer favourites include an assortment of Italian pizzas and Russian specialities such as chicken Kiev and pelmeni.