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Dubai: A cleaner stood before a Dubai criminal court on Wednesday on charges of raping a six-year-old girl in the women’s toilet in a Jumeirah restaurant.

The incident allegedly took place two months ago, but the accused, A.H., a 27-year-old Bangladeshi, denied the charges.

The child’s father, Z.W., a Jordanian, told prosecutors that his daughter went to the bathroom to check on her loose tooth and to use the toilet. 
He briefly stood outside the door before returning to the table.

Five minutes later, the father asked his wife to check on their daughter, but the daughter had already stepped out of the toilet looking incredibly pale.

“When I asked my daughter if she managed to see her tooth, she said the mirror was too high for her, and then I heard her whisper to her mother about a man who touched her private parts,” said Z.W.

The father told the court his daughter said that while she was using the bathroom the cleaner followed her inside.

“At this point, she told the cleaner she was done using the bathroom and that she was about to leave. However, he did not get out of the toilet and waited until she put her underwear back on before approaching her. He then placed both his hands on her thighs and cupped her private parts and kissed her,” the father told investigators.

But the medical examination unearthed more horrifying details.

The forensic report showed that upon examining the child, traces of semen were around the girl’s private parts.

The report also mentioned that a swab taken “from her” proved positive for semen. Tests confirmed the semen matched the DNA of the accused.

Despite the damning evidence, the accused maintained his not guilty plea.

A verdict is expected on July 31.