Safety concern: Gardens residents complain outsiders are using their pool Image Credit: XPRESS/Virendra Saklani

Dubai: Residents in The Gardens are irked that the swimming pools in the community are being used by outsiders. The community residents, who pay for the facilities including the pools, said entry of unauthorised people was not only unfair, it could also be a potential threat to their safety.

“I was shocked when during a casual conversation with one of the ladies there I came to know she was not a resident of The Gardens. She said she was from Discovery Gardens. How can people who do not pay for the facility come and use it?” said a resident from Building 11.

Another resident, a mother of two daughters, said: “I do not wish to send my teenage daughters to the pool. We do not know who the people entering the community are. Who is to be held responsible in case of an untoward incident?”

The residents said that not only is this irksome, it also causes inconvenience as the swimming pools get overcrowded at this time of year.

“We have heard of theft and other crime incidents; we do not want to wait for something to happen. But if people from anywhere are freely entering the community and even using the facilities, it gets very unsafe for us,” a resident from Building 114 said.

In response to the issue, Nakheel stated: “Six swimming pools are already open at Discovery Gardens. We aim to open two more within the next few weeks and all 13 by the end of June this year. These should provide ample swimming facilities for residents of Discovery Gardens. We are also working on new systems – welcomed by residents – under which people will need to provide proof of residency before being able to use the sports facilities.”