Fake post: Bollywood clip shown on TV Image Credit: supplied

Dubai: A Facebook post with a ‘fake’ regional television channel report has sparked a row on the social media platform.

The post attributed to Al Jazeera TV shows a clip from the Bollywood movie Sholay with a header saying ‘Live Gaza’ and a footnote reading: “More horrific images of seriously injured as a result of Israeli shelling.”

“This is the worst case of yellow journalism that I have ever seen. Al Jazeera channel has shown a clip from the Hindi movie Sholay and shown it as Gaza citizens dying from Israeli air strikes,” wrote prominent Indian politician Dr Subramaniam Swamy.

Reacting to the post, Al Jazeera PR said on its timeline: “We can only laugh at these ridiculous stories about Al Jazeera - like this fake photo of a Bollywood star... they could have at least got our logo right.”

The post has garnered 3,109 likes and 2,748 shares. Dr Swamy’s reference has drawn criticism from the public with some tendering apologies on his behalf and others calling for legal action against him.